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Allett is a San Diego original. Founded in 1995 our company started with the goal of making a thin wallet that would alleviate the common health problems caused by sitting on a bulky wallet. Since coming out with our first wallets we have tried to keep that simple philosophy.



Create products that fill a need.   We figure if we make high quality products that solve an everyday issue, the line will intrigue and customers will come.  When we make customers happy with quality American made products that last for years, they will come back.  It all comes down to that full circle approach.  


Allett has grown over the years through word of mouth. Our company is what it is because our customers have made it a point to share something they love with their friends and family.
Allett is a family owned and operated company. We love what we do. We have integrity. We care about our employees and we care about our customers. Manufacturing in the United States is important to us. Our business is based on more than just the bottom line. Our business is based on creating lasting relationships every step of the way.