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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • The Trickle Down Effect of Making Wallets in the USA

    Made in USA

    These days, it seems as though fewer and fewer of our everyday products are truly made in the USA. Instead, a great number of the products and items we rely on every day are made overseas in countries like Korea and China. Meanwhile, our economy suffers from a loss of jobs as a result of these imports. When it comes to genuinely crafted wallets, why would you buy anything other than one that has been designed and made entirely in the USA? You may not realize it, but your purchase of a USA-made product, such as an Allett wallet, can help to stimulate our own nation's economy significantly and keep American workers employed.

    How Does Allett Make a Difference?

    Allett is an American-based company that is absolutely dedicated to keeping its business within the United States. As a result, we offer strictly American made products. Specifically, we sell some of the best and highest quality wallets around, made of a variety of different types of materials. Some of the most commonly used materials in our wallets include spinnaker nylon, Napa leather, and recycled polyester.

    Therefore, when you buy an Allett wallet, not only can you rest assured that you are going to have a durable and high quality wallet to last you for many years to come, but you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that you are helping to contribute to the nation's rebounding economy, all while keeping more Americans at work. After all, Allett hires many American workers to help manufacture our wallets.

    You may not feel as though simply making the purchase of a wallet can make that much of a difference when it comes to the nation's overall economy, but the truth is that it can, and it does! This is because of a phenomenon known as "the trickle down effect." Essentially, any time you purchase something that is American made, some of that profit goes to the company,  but a great deal of it goes into the companies that supply that business, such as the local printer or supplier of thread. The money you spend trickles down into the pockets of people in the community working hard to put food on the table.  These are people like you and me, for example, the receptionist at the printing company or the shipping manager at the thread manufacturing plant. Eventually, this works out to be a win-win situation for all involved. So the next time you think that buying American does not make that much of a difference, think again because it certainly does.

    Other Benefits to Shopping at Allett

    Aside from the fact that you will be helping to support the nation's economy rather than giving your hard earned money to another country, there are many other benefits to shopping at Allett. For starters, our company specializes not only in men's wallets, but in women's wallets as well. Therefore, no matter who you may be shopping for, you can be sure to find a quality wallet that suits their style and your price range. All of Allett's wallets are reasonably priced due to the fact that they are made efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner. At the same time, you can enjoy some of the finest materials and durable wallet designs by shopping here.

    Essentially, you get the best of both worlds when you buy a wallet from Allett.

  • RFID Blocking and Protection Against Identity Theft

    RFID Blocking

    Technology is growing fast and though we enjoy the conveniences these advancements bring, we rarely understand some of the consequences associated with them.  Take for example the fact that some of the credit cards, bank cards, and ID cards that you carry everyday have, embedded into them, a small computer chip with a radio antenna which is constantly transmitting your account and personal information out to the world.  This transmission is happening whether the card is in use or just sitting in your wallet.  You may not have known about this but there are identity thieves that know this all too well.

    The information can be skimmed without you ever taking the card from your pocket.  With some basic electronic skimming equipment, about $100 online, and a laptop, these criminals can swipe and store this transmitted information and use the stolen information to create counterfeit cards, charging large sums of money to your name.  Many banks have built in security codes, which changes with every transaction, so even if a crook were to steal your information they would only be able to charge one transaction before the card would be useless.  But for many people one transaction can wipeout their entire savings.  In this case, the built-in protection by the banks may be too little too late.  Identity theft is also on the rise.  Many states and businesses have been issuing new age updated driver's licenses and identification cards which can be swiped as well.  This can be a frustrating, extensive, time consuming and possibly a financially damaging type of theft.  Personal information can be used to open new credit cards, apply for loans, or steal your identity or for many other nefarious reasons.  Keeping your personal information safe is very important.

    There are some things you can do to help secure your cards.  Wallets are now being made with RFID, or radio frequency identification chip, blocking.  These types of wallets are made with a built-in cage or shield.  These cages are woven into the walls of the wallets and help trap the radio transmissions inside the wallet.  This tech makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to swipe your information from you.  Not all wallets are built with the same techniques or standards but they are definitely an added element of protection.

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