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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • The Original Wallet

    If you have ever sat down with a thick wallet in your pocket, you know the startling, and uncomfortable, feeling as you quickly squat to remove the bulky item before sitting down again. Allett wallet company understands this issue because it was the inspiration for the Original Wallet. As a family owned and operated company, Allett's main concept grew out of the founder's physical pain.

    The Problem

    Ken Obenski, Allett's founder, sat for most of his working days. Because he was always busy, he usually sat on his wallet and did not think much of this fact. He slowly developed sciatica, or a pinched nerve. The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in your body, extending from the lower spine and down both legs.

    The sciatica pain was so great that Ken opted for surgery. Because sciatica is a relatively common ailment, he was not aware that it was caused by one specific item. After receiving the surgery, he spoke to his doctor about the root cause.

    A Solution

    A bulky wallet was the cause of Ken's pain. He was stunned. Millions of men sat on their wallets every day. As a solution, he decided to look for a thin wallet. As he perused the stores, it occurred to him that his search was in vain. He decided to create his own wallet.

    His Concept

    Ken wanted a wallet that was thin, but still functional for everyday use. He came up with an ingenious design. Side-by-side pockets fold together to fit neatly in a standard pocket. These pockets could hold up to 24 cards, making them just as useful as a standard, bulky wallet. There was even a division for cash and receipts to accommodate the busy man.

    Core Materials

    Developing the thinnest wallet wasn't the final goal, however. Ken also wanted the finest materials. Spinnaker Nylon was a prime ingredient for a quality wallet. With a smooth texture ready to withstand almost any application, Ken had his Original Wallet's main construction figured out.
    This material made the wallet light and thin, but also water-resistant. If you accidentally dropped the wallet in a puddle, for example, it would dry out quickly to prevent damage, mold and mildew.

    It Doesn't Stop There

    Allett's Original Wallet line expanded with a high quality Napa leather version and eventually developed security features to keep up with the times. The newest addition to our line is the Original Wallet with Allett’s KeepSafe RFID security. With alloy film construction, your thin wallet is an instant barrier to would-be thieves looking for an easy target. Your credit and debit card information is safe inside Allett's KeepSafe RFID security wallets without compromising the thin construction you want in a comfortable accessory.

    Allett's Commitment

    With many companies outsourcing their manufacturing, Allett is proud to make all wallets in the United States. Founded in San Diego, California, Bridget Muscat and her brother Adam, keep the business thriving, growing and manufacturing only in the United States. Quality workmanship shows through every product that finds its way into your pocket.

    We offer our Original Wallet through many dealers throughout the 50 states. Visit a dealer or purchase your wallets online. Allett is happy to process your order efficiently and ship it quickly. Quality goods with excellent customer service is our constant goal.

    Slim Wallet ComparisonOriginal Wallet

  • Napa Leather

    If you thought that only wine was the best thing to come out of Napa Valley, California, you should take look at the local history books. Napa leather is a specialized leather that originated in Napa, and is now found throughout the world as one of the softest animal hide materials around. Allett brings you the thinnest wallets for the discerning client, but the material used must also be high quality. That is why Allett uses Napa leather in their products.

    California's Origin History

    After California's Gold Rush peaked in the 1840s and 1850s, residents looked for other forms of products to buy and sell. With open land outside of San Francisco and Sacramento, Napa Valley became a beacon for raising sheep and cattle. Although prized for their dairy supply, livestock were also valued for their hides. Thick leather worked well for cowboy chaps, saddles and other key products. Farmers needed leather to protect their workers when working with the herds as well.

    Calnap Tanning Company emerged as a top employer in Napa to work the leather to a useable material. From shoes to gloves, other companies popped up to fill the leather manufacturing void. Napa Glove & Safety, along with other businesses, thrived for years as they manufactured and sold Napa leather.

    Why It Is So Special

    Napa leather does not need to originate in California to be considered high quality. In fact, it is made on almost every continent now. What makes it so special is its texture. Most leathers come from animals that have slight imperfections, such as cuts or punctures along the skin. Leather makers simply dye these hides to disguise the imperfections. However, the dying process makes the leather tough, creating a rough texture seen on inexpensive consumer items.

    Napa leather, in contrast, comes from a virtually blemish-free area on the animal's hide. The hide does not require dying to camouflage blemishes, allowing manufacturers to offer a high quality leather with a soft touch. If the manufacturer decides to dye the leather, the coloring process does not need to involve harsh chemicals.

    This soft leather has a natural, open pore construction that absorbs colorants easily without harming the texture. Napa leather can be found in many colors, but still retains the same grain seen when kept in its natural hide color.

    Keeping It Clean

    Allett wants you to have a perfect product throughout its lifespan, but you must care for the leather to keep it looking new. Wipe the leather with a lint-free cloth to keep fingerprints and dust to a minimum.

    Because it dries quickly, you can dab the leather with water if you have a particularly difficult stain. Allow the wallet to sit out to dry off. Do not place it in direct sunlight, however. You want to preserve the leather's color. Excessive, direct sunlight may lighten the color tone.

    Allett's Wallet Perspective

    Allett sews Napa leather to SoftTech nylon to create the world’s thinnest wallets.  Allett only uses the best Napa leather that is inspected before manufacturing. Any blemishes make the leather difficult to work with, creating a poor product for you. Allett strives to make the best leather products for your everyday use. Allow Allett to lighten your load with a thin wallet made of strong, but attractive, Napa leather. You'll never want to use another leather wallet again.
    Napa Leather Wallet

    Allett Napa Leather Wallet pictured on top of a Napa Leather Hide.

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