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  • Behind the Thin Wallet: How Our Structural Design Eliminated the Clutter

    Our wallet technology is not a magic trick, although it may appear as such. At Allett, we strive for a stylish yet comfortable wallet to fit in your back pocket. There should not be a telltale mountain where you sit, but a modern wallet for the busy man. Women too can benefit from a thin wallet, keeping purse sizes to a minimum. Take a look at some of our unique design perspectives to explore the thin and clutter-free wallet from Allett.

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    Interior Material Choices

    Instead of using leather throughout the wallet, we chose a strong nylon for the interior. With a casual, but stylish appearance, this nylon allows the interior pockets to fold down into an extremely thin shape. Don't let the thin material fool you, however. Nylon is incredibly strong, providing some flexibility with a tear proof construction. Even if you quickly push cards and coins into your wallet, the nylon will not tear, unlike other wallets that look like they've seen a paper shredder. Your items are safely stowed within Allett's unique wallet design.

    Exterior Construction

    Whether you purchase our Napa leather or EcoThin wallets, the outside material is ready for everyday use. Real cowhide has a natural barrier to tears and rips, making it one of the toughest materials to use for a wallet. Our EcoThin wallets are different, but not sensitive to tears. Using recycled plastic bottles, these wallets have a canvas texture, while retaining the strength of plastic. Because of their natural strength, Allett's wallets do not need to be thick to offer a rip-free construction. A thin leather or EcoThin wallet protects your valuables better than a thick leather from another manufacturer.

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    Pocket Design

    Typical wallets stack their internal pockets to provide a lot of space for numerous cards. However, we have found a clever way to space the cards out with strategic pocket design. There is no layering to our wallets. Longer pocket lengths allow us to spread your items out within the wallet, separating receipts from cash, for example. Without a stacking design, your wallet remains thin, regardless of your card-carrying habits.

    Considering Coins

    In the past, coins were commonplace for everyday use. In today's world, however, coins are not as prevalent. Allett responded to the cultural shift by reducing the coin pocket size. A traditional wallet uses a large pocket, whereas our wallets only offer a small or medium size space. Reducing the coin pocket size provides room for more card pockets, along with a thin shape. With credit and debit cards shaping the economic landscape, coin pockets are not a dominant force in Allett's wallets.

    Moisture Factor

    If your wallet gets wet, it inevitably expands. For some wallets, this expansion may be permanent. Allett uses SoftTech nylon that actually wicks away water. If you drop the wallet in a puddle, for example, it can dry out quickly afterward. Empty the wallet, and allow it to dry. The thin wallet construction allows water to evaporate quickly, giving you a perfect wallet again. In fact, the only water-absorbing materials in the nylon wallet may be business cards, or other non-laminated items.

    Browse through Allett's quality line of thin wallets, from leather to recycled plastic materials. We select only the best materials to keep your wallet comfortable in your pocket. If you examine our pocket design, you'll see the innovation and care we take with all our products. At Allett, we are here to bring you a stylish and functional wallet for daily use..

  • Lost or Stolen Wallet? 5 Steps to Protecting Yourself

    At Allett, we strive to create thin wallets that are perfect for back pockets or purses. Because of their thin construction, they are often overlooked by thieves. They simply want an easy target, making a bulging wallet a more obvious choice than our thin wallet selections. However, if your wallet does end up stolen or lost, there are several ways to protect yourself before and after the event.

    1. Get an Identity Protection Plan

    If you are prone to losing your wallet, it is a good idea to purchase an identity protection plan before tragedy strikes. These plans monitor your activity by looking for your typical spending habits. When an unusual charge occurs, such as a several-hundred-dollar charge at a store you didn’t go to, the fraud department is immediately alerted. You are typically not at fault for these charges. Most protection programs return the money lost in your account balance in a timely manner. Select a plan carefully such as one offered by your bank or credit card.

    2. Don't Carry Everything

    When you open your wallet, there should not be receipts or old membership cards from three years ago. Take a moment to clean out your wallet. You only want to carry your essentials such as your ID and everyday credit or debit card. There is no need to carry social security cards or birth certificates at all. If your wallet is stolen, thieves could potentially have all of your information and take all of your assets. Keep these thieves in the dark by not carrying this information. Keeping less items in your wallet makes it easier for you to organize and harder for thieves to decipher your identity and personal information

    Lost Or Stolen Blog Post Image.

    3. File a Police Report

    You may be frustrated or even embarrassed about a lost wallet but, you need to report it to the police. They can send out a region-wide notification about your cards or identity. If thieves try to impersonate you, they may be caught easily by casting a wider net with the help of law enforcement. In fact, there could be a rash of stolen wallets in the area that make your report a helpful clue in finding the perpetrators. Include as much detail about your wallet as possible such as detailed marks or colors on the wallet's exterior.

    4. Set "Fraud Alert"

    For the next few weeks, you want to live on cash only. You need to set all of your checking, savings and credit cards to "fraud alert" with each individual banking institution. During this alert period, your banks need to set up new accounts and numbers, along with corresponding cards. You will be effectively reduced to cash transactions until you receive your new cards and accounts. Be patient during this time. It is better that you set this "fraud alert" to avoid any withdrawals from your accounts. Thieves can take thousands of dollars in mere seconds.

    5. Keep a List

    To avoid forgetting any cards in your wallet, make a list of all your cards' names and numbers. Keep the list hidden at home. If you ever have a wallet lost or stolen, you simply refer to your list to call all your creditors and banks for notification. This list should be updated constantly, when you add new accounts. However, it is still best to keep most cards and information at home, not in your wallet.

    Keep your wallet safe as you venture outside. Stay aware of your surroundings and keep most of your personal information at home. Protect yourself from monetary loss and identity theft by following these basic strategies.

  • Wallets for Every Lifestyle!

    Unlike women's handbags, men's wallets tend to all look the same. A black trifold is the norm for many men but there is no reason to stay within the norm. Allett has a different appeal, providing the thinnest wallet for every walk of life. Your lifestyle reflects your personality, and Allett has a line of several wallet choices to fit everyone's needs, from fast-paced professionals to rugged outdoorsmen.

    Broker by Weekday, Golfer by Weekend

    If you have a ton of cards like credit or business cards, the classic leather wallet is for you. With its Napa leather, it is soft to the touch but incredibly durable for constant use. Comfortably hold all of your personal IDs, cash, and receipts in one classic design. With its chic and intuitive engineering, you can be sure to reduce the bulge of a regular wallet. Keep business cards handy as you maneuver the golf links on the weekend or use its ample space to hand out your own cards! A new thin, leather wallet holds the key to success.

    For the Minimalist

    You're the guy who likes to keep it simple. There is no need for the tons of extra items you might find in other people’s wallets. A debit card and cash is all you need. For your needs, take a look at Allett's leather sport wallet. With its smaller shape, this wallet fits well in almost any pocket, including workout pants. You still have enough space for critical ID and business cards without a bulky wallet at your side.

    The Tradesman

    If you work in a very physically demanding job, including construction or woodworking, you need a wallet that can be cleaned off easily. The nylon original wallet still holds 24 cards but the durable material allows you to wipe the surface down quickly if it should ever become dirty. Stains may dot the wallet during the day, but they can easily be swiped away, leaving you with a wallet that is good as new.

    Play Time

    Does your idea of a fantastic weekend include skiing and hiking? For the rough-and-tumble fans, the nylon sport wallet offers convenient storage with an easily wiped surface. If the wallet is exposed to water, for example, the nylon wicks away the moisture, as long as you let it air dry. These wallets offer durability against the elements with an elegant appearance.

    The James Bond Type

    If you travel a lot, and are relatively tech-savvy, you know that thieves are on the constant lookout for victims. It is even possible to steal credit card information using devices near your wallet. Allett knows you need to keep your identity and credit cards safe in this world of constant identity theft. Try the RFID wallet, which uses an alloy lining to thwart would-be thieves. Your information is always safe in these wallets.

    The Conservationist

    You may be looking for an alternative to a leather wallet. Try the EcoThin wallet that is actually made from recycled plastic bottles. With the EcoThin wallet, you'll know that you kept several bottles out of the landfills.  You can even use the wallet as a conversation-starter as well as a piece of advice for other colleagues looking to go green. Your concern about the world may prompt others to follow your lead, both personally and professionally.

    Browse through our extraordinary supply of wallets to find your perfect match. Think about your lifestyle and narrow down your wallet choices. You’ll be sure to find a favorite wallet that will stand the test of time.

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  • Sciatica and You: Health Facts Behind the Damage of Sitting on Your Wallet

    We’ve all seen men with their huge wallets full of credit cards, memberships and bulging receipts sticking out of their back pocket. We have definitely also witnessed people sitting down on them to drive off to work or home. Doesn't that wallet hurt when they sit down? Because of habit, many people continue to sit on their bulky wallets, causing chronic pain in the back, hips, legs and feet. At Allett, we strive to educate our customers on the pains of a thick wallet and to present our revolutionary solution in our thin wallet products.

    Sciatica Basics

    Your sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in the human body, extending from your lower spinal cord through the hips and buttocks and eventually ending at your feet. All of your lower extremities depend on this major nerve to bring smaller nerves into contact with the rest of the central nervous system. If you have ever had sciatica, you know that it is a shooting and continual pain that emanates from the hip to the toes with intense fury. Sitting on a thick wallet is the perfect catalyst to set sciatica off.

    Compression Issues

    When you sit on a thick wallet, your weight distributes unevenly across your hips and legs. As a result, the sciatic nerve comes in contact with excessive pressure either on the left or right side. If it remains compressed, the nerve becomes irritated and sends out that signature pain that remains with you for days or weeks, depending on the compression's severity. The sciatic nerve is meant to be isolated from extraneous pressure so that it could function as the nerve signal transport area it was designed to be.

    Pelvis Positioning

    Depending on your age, it is possible to dislocate the pelvis by continually sitting on a thick wallet. The body naturally acclimates to certain repetitive motions, allowing it to find a balance in an improper position. If you sit on a thick wallet all day, the pelvis naturally shifts in reaction. This can actually cause it to lodge itself into a position where it pinches or rubs the sciatic nerve. Only a change in position, over the course of weeks or months, can begin to alleviate this issue. Many people seek out the help of a chiropractor, or other doctors, for pain relief.

    Muscle Pinches

    Bone is not the only material that can irritate the sciatic nerve. Your buttocks have several crisscrossing muscles, including the piriformis, which can actually pinch a nerve. As you sit on your wallet, the muscles in the buttocks are under tension to hold your torso upright. The piriformis muscle slides into a different position, effectively pinching the sciatic until the muscle can move out of that position. The resulting nerve pain can keep you up at night.

    Wallet Solutions

    Allett offers the thinnest wallet available that still provides the proper space for all your important belongings. You are not relegated to holding two or three cards at a time. Our innovative design allows you to carry your normal cards within a compact shape. Any improper sitting position aggravates the sciatic nerve, but Allett's wallets certainly relieve a lot of the pain and are a step in the right direction.

    Think of your daily sitting habits and let us help alleviate the pain. Browse through Allett's large selection of thin and sleek wallets to help you look, feel and sit comfortably. Sciatic pain can disappear if you choose a wallet without the bulk.
    Sciatica and You - 1

  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Thinner Wallet

    Are you tired of carrying around a large, bulky wallet? If so, then it may be time to make the switch to an Allett wallet. Our wallets are designed to be significantly thinner and lighter weight while still being able to hold your IDs, credit cards, membership cards, cash, and more. Allett prides itself not only in offering the thinnest wallet available, but in manufacturing all of its wallets in the United States of America. By purchasing a wallet from Allett, you are not only getting a great product, but you are also contributing to the nation's economy and job growth at the very same time. Who knew purchasing such a small wallet could do so much?
    Furthermore, there are many benefits to carrying around a thinner wallet. Here are 7 that we came up with (share any more you can think of in the comments below!):
    Reason 1: Less Back and Neck Strain.
    Many people do not realize just how much strain carrying around a bulky wallet can cause on the neck and back. By carrying around one that is lighter weight and thinner, you may be able to cut down on back and neck pain significantly.
    Reason 2: Less Clutter.
    While Allett wallets are surprisingly spacious despite their thin size, they are still able to carry quite a bit. More than likely, however, switching to a thinner wallet will lead to you better organizing your cards and getting rid of junk you carry around and no longer need or use.
    Reason 3: Fits into Pants Easier
    Have you ever felt embarrassed by having a large bulge in the back of your pants caused by your thick wallet? Some men have even blown out their pant pockets so bad that a hole has torn in the back pocket.  Perhaps you have had a hard time fitting your large wallet into your purse? With a thinner wallet, you will never have to worry about this again.
    Reason 4: More Accessible
    By having a thinner wallet that does not get stuck in your pants pocket or in your purse, you can access it easier and quicker. This helps you to avoid awkward moments at checkout lines, where you spend a minute trying to dig your wallet out and another minute finding the right card.
    Reason 5: Better Organization
    With fewer cards and other unneeded items in your wallet, you can become a more organized person. You will always know how much cash you have on you and will spend less time fumbling through your wallet looking for different cards. Some people have even reported becoming more responsible spenders as a result of having an organized wallet!
    Reason 6: More Eco-Friendly
    By using less materials to have your wallet manufactured, you are actually doing the planet a huge favor. Less materials means less energy required to make the wallet in the first place, and fewer materials required means less resources that have to be used to fulfill your needs.
    Reason 7: Be a Trend Setter
    Why follow the same wallet trends that everybody else has already been following for the past several decades? Why not make yourself stand out in a crowd by picking up an innovative thin wallet. More than likely you will notice some eyes looking your way as you pull your new wallet out. Who knows? Maybe you will even be the first to start a new trend.
    As you can see, there are many reasons as to why you should make the switch from your current bulky and awkward wallet to a thinner one. When it comes time to pick out your new wallet, be sure to keep Allett in mind. We manufacture some of the thinnest and most durable wallets on the planet.


  • The Original Wallet

    If you have ever sat down with a thick wallet in your pocket, you know the startling, and uncomfortable, feeling as you quickly squat to remove the bulky item before sitting down again. Allett's wallet company understands this issue because it was the inspiration for the Original Wallet. As a family owned and operated company, Allett's main concept grew out of the founder's physical pain.

    The Problem
    Ken Obenski, Allett's founder, sat for most of his working days. Because he was always busy, he usually sat on his wallet and did not think much of this fact. He slowly developed sciatica, or a pinched nerve. The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in your body, extending from the lower spine and down both legs.

    The sciatica pain was so great that Ken opted for surgery. Because sciatica is a relatively common ailment, he was not aware that it was caused by one specific item. After receiving the surgery, he spoke to his doctor about the root cause.

    A Solution
    A bulky wallet was the cause of Ken's pain. He was stunned. Millions of men sat on their wallets every day. As a solution, he decided to look for a thin wallet. As he perused the stores, it occurred to him that his search was in vain. He decided to create his own wallet.

    His Concept
    Ken wanted a wallet that was thin, but still functional for everyday use. He came up with an ingenious design. Side-by-side pockets fold together to fit neatly in a standard pocket. These pockets could hold up to 24 cards, making them just as useful as a standard, bulky wallet. There was even a division for cash and receipts to accommodate the busy man.

    Core Materials
    Developing the thinnest wallet wasn't the final goal, however. Ken also wanted the finest materials. Spinnaker Nylon was a prime ingredient for a quality wallet. With a smooth texture ready to withstand almost any application, Ken had his Original Wallet's main construction figured out.
    This material made the wallet light and thin, but also water-resistant. If you accidentally dropped the wallet in a puddle, for example, it would dry out quickly to prevent damage, mold and mildew.

    It Doesn't Stop There
    Allett's Original Wallet line expanded with a high quality Napa leather version and eventually environmental and security features have been developed. The EcoThin wallet is actually constructed of recycled plastic bottles. With a strong build, EcoThin allows you to contribute to a greener world by removing plastic bottles from landfills. Allett takes bottles that would otherwise be thrown away and creates a thin wallet for you.

    The newest addition is the Original Wallet with Allett’s KeepSafe RFID security. With alloy film construction, your thin wallet is an instant barrier to would-be thieves looking for an easy target. Your credit and debit card information is safe inside Allett's KeepSafe RFID security wallets without compromising the thin construction you want in a comfortable accessory.

    Allett's Commitment
    With many companies outsourcing their manufacturing, Allett is proud to make all wallets in the United States. Founded in San Diego, California, Bridget Muscat and her brother Adam, keep the business thriving, growing and manufacturing only in the United States. Quality workmanship shows through every product that finds its way into your pocket.

    We offer our Original Wallet through many dealers throughout the 50 states. Visit a dealer or purchase your wallets online. Allett is happy to process your order efficiently and ship it quickly. Quality goods with excellent customer service is our constant goal.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10101d

  • Napa Leather

    If you thought that only wine was the best thing to come out of Napa Valley, California, you should take look at the local history books. Napa leather is a specialized leather that originated in Napa, and is now found throughout the world as one of the softest animal hide materials around. Allett brings you the thinnest wallets for the discerning client, but the material used must also be high quality. That is why Allett uses Napa leather in their products.

    California's Origin History
    After California's Gold Rush peaked in the 1840s and 1850s, residents looked for other forms of products to buy and sell. With open land outside of San Francisco and Sacramento, Napa Valley became a beacon for raising sheep and cattle. Although prized for their dairy supply, livestock were also valued for their hides. Thick leather worked well for cowboy chaps, saddles and other key products. Farmers needed leather to protect their workers when working with the herds as well.

    Calnap Tanning Company emerged as a top employer in Napa to work the leather to a useable material. From shoes to gloves, other companies popped up to fill the leather manufacturing void. Napa Glove & Safety, along with other businesses, thrived for years as they manufactured and sold Napa leather.

    Why It Is So Special
    Napa leather does not need to originate in California to be considered high quality. In fact, it is made on almost every continent now. What makes it so special is its texture. Most leathers come from animals that have slight imperfections, such as cuts or punctures along the skin. Leather makers simply dye these hides to disguise the imperfections. However, the dying process makes the leather tough, creating a rough texture seen on inexpensive consumer items.

    Napa leather, in contrast, comes from a virtually blemish-free area on the animal's hide. The hide does not require dying to camouflage blemishes, allowing manufacturers to offer a high quality leather with a soft touch. If the manufacturer decides to dye the leather, the coloring process does not need to involve harsh chemicals.

    This soft leather has a natural, open pore construction that absorbs colorants easily without harming the texture. Napa leather can be found in many colors, but still retains the same grain seen when kept in its natural hide color.

    Keeping It Clean
    Allett wants you to have a perfect product throughout its lifespan, but you must care for the leather to keep it looking new. Wipe the leather with a lint-free cloth to keep fingerprints and dust to a minimum.

    Because it dries quickly, you can dab the leather with water if you have a particularly difficult stain. Allow the wallet to sit out to dry off. Do not place it in direct sunlight, however. You want to preserve the leather's color. Excessive, direct sunlight may lighten the color tone.

    Allett's Wallet Perspective
    Allett sews Napa leather to SoftTech nylon to create the world’s thinnest wallets.  Allett only uses the best Napa leather that is inspected before manufacturing. Any blemishes make the leather difficult to work with, creating a poor product for you. Allett strives to make the best leather products for your everyday use. Allow Allett to lighten your load with a thin wallet made of strong, but attractive, Napa leather. You'll never want to use another leather wallet again.

    Allett Napa Leather Wallet pictured on top of a Napa Leather Hide.

  • The Trickle Down Effect of Making Wallets in the USA

    americanmade pic

    These days, it seems as though fewer and fewer of our everyday products are truly made in the USA. Instead, a great number of the products and items we rely on every day are made overseas in countries like Korea and China. Meanwhile, our economy suffers from a loss of jobs as a result of these imports. When it comes to genuinely crafted wallets, why would you buy anything other than one that has been designed and made entirely in the USA? You may not realize it, but your purchase of a USA-made product, such as an Allett wallet, can help to stimulate our own nation's economy significantly and keep American workers employed.

    How Does Allett Make a Difference?
    Allett is an American-based company that is absolutely dedicated to keeping its business within the United States. As a result, we offer strictly American made products. Specifically, we sell some of the best and highest quality wallets around, made of a variety of different types of materials. Some of the most commonly used materials in our wallets include spinnaker nylon, Napa leather, and recycled polyester.

    Therefore, when you buy an Allett wallet, not only can you rest assured that you are going to have a durable and high quality wallet to last you for many years to come, but you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that you are helping to contribute to the nation's rebounding economy, all while keeping more Americans at work. After all, Allett hires many American workers to help manufacture our wallets.

    You may not feel as though simply making the purchase of a wallet can make that much of a difference when it comes to the nation's overall economy, but the truth is that it can, and it does! This is because of a phenomenon known as "the trickle down effect." Essentially, any time you purchase something that is American made, some of that profit goes to the company,  but a great deal of it goes into the companies that supply that business, such as the local printer or supplier of thread. The money you spend trickles down into the pockets of people in the community working hard to put food on the table.  These are people like you and me, for example, the receptionist at the printing company or the shipping manager at the thread manufacturing plant. Eventually, this works out to be a win-win situation for all involved. So the next time you think that buying American does not make that much of a difference, think again because it certainly does.

    Other Benefits to Shopping at Allett
    Aside from the fact that you will be helping to support the nation's economy rather than giving your hard earned money to another country, there are many other benefits to shopping at Allett. For starters, our company specializes not only in men's wallets, but in women's wallets as well. Therefore, no matter who you may be shopping for, you can be sure to find a quality wallet that suits their style and your price range. All of Allett's wallets are reasonably priced due to the fact that they are made efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner. At the same time, you can enjoy some of the finest materials and durable wallet designs by shopping here.

    Essentially, you get the best of both worlds when you buy a wallet from Allett.

  • RFID Blocking and Protection Against Identity Theft

    RFID Blocking_1 - Image 1

    Technology is growing fast and though we enjoy the conveniences these advancements bring, we rarely understand some of the consequences associated with them.  Take for example the fact that some of the credit cards, bank cards, and ID cards that you carry everyday have, embedded into them, a small computer chip with a radio antenna which is constantly transmitting your account and personal information out to the world.  This tra nsmission is happening whether the card is in use or just sitting in your wallet.  You may not have known about this but there are identity thieves that know this all too well.

    The information can be skimmed without you ever taking the card from your pocket.  With some basic electronic skimming equipment, about $100 online, and a laptop, these criminals can swipe and store this transmitted information and use the stolen information to create counterfeit cards, charging large sums of money to your name.  Many banks have built in security codes, which changes with every transaction, so even if a crook were to steal your information they would only be able to charge one transaction before the card would be useless.  But for many people one transaction can wipeout their entire savings.  In this case, the built-in protection by the banks may be too little too late.  Identity theft is also on the rise.  Many states and businesses have been issuing new age updated driver's licenses and identification cards which can be swiped as well.  This can be a frustrating, extensive, time consuming and possibly a financially damaging type of theft.  Personal information can be used to open new credit cards, apply for loans, or steal your identity or for many other nefarious reasons.  Keeping your personal information safe is very important.

    There are some things you can do to help secure your cards.  Wallets are now being made with RFID, or radio frequency identification chip, blocking.  These types of wallets are made with a built-in cage or shield.  These cages are woven into the walls of the wallets and help trap the radio transmissions inside the wallet.  This tech makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to swipe your information from you.  Not all wallets are built with the same techniques or standards but they are definitely an added element of protection.

  • Spinnaker Material Wallets

    People never leave without their wallets.  The wallet is the protector and organizer of some of our most important daily items; driver's licenses, work IDs, ATM cards, credit cards, receipts, change, and, from time to time, paper money.  The wallet is an important and essential tool but, it is not without its liabilities.  We have a propensity to horde things we don't actually need and carry these things with us to places they don't need to go.  Our wallets can quickly become inundated with ATM records, daily receipts, small bits of information scribbled down, or business cards.  As the day goes on, our wallets grow.  A large thick wallet sits heavy in the pocket and daily discomfort can be really aggravating.  For some, collecting daily transactions may be unavoidable but, even if you can cut the junk, a thin wallet is a great place to start.  Not all wallets are created equal.  Wallets span a wide array of sizes and pocket footprints.  Finding the right wallet may start with the material.

    Material can play a big role in determining the size of your wallet.  Cases and money clips have low profile but are typically made from metals which can be hard in pocket, dig-in to your legs when sitting, or scratch your cell phone face.  Leather is a classic but many leather wallets are thick, stiff, and heavy, doing little to lessen their impact.

    Behold, spinnaker cloth.  New ultra thin wallets are being created with spinnaker cloth, and this may be exactly what you need for a thin, strong, lightweight wallet, with a very small pocket footprint.


    Spinnaker cloth refers to Nylon material used for the spinnaker sails on sailboats.  This Nylon material is very strong, very thin, lightweight, and has a light sheen.  Spinnaker cloth has a high elongation rating, which means it will give a bit.  This flexibility can be great when the extra stuff starts to accumulate.  The material will give when it needs to but return to its original shape, free of wrinkles and creases, once the extra baggage is removed.  Spinnaker material makes the wallet extremely resistant to abrasion damage.  This type of nylon is very durable and can take lots of use without showing wear.  Because this material was originally designed for sailboats, it is water resistant and washable.  This resilience makes the continued care very easy.  Spinnaker material has a high heat-setting which makes it resistant to melting, sun damage, and weathering, and has an inherently high colorfastness, or, less color fading.  The best part is you don't have to trade the feel for strength. This is an especially important point when considering that we at All-Ett have been making Spinnaker cloth wallets for 18 years now.  Our type of Spinnaker, dubbed SoftTech Nylon, is an extremely light, rip-stop material that can make it through anything.  Our SoftTech Nylon is stitched with a cross pattern that allows it to be resistant to tears and highly durable.

    Spinnaker cloth, such as our SoftTech Nylon, is flexible and soft to the touch, making it enjoyable to carry around and handle.   Nylon is man made so if you don't like skinning cows for leather this can be a great animal-friendly alternative!

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