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Wallets for Every Lifestyle!

Unlike women's handbags, men's wallets tend to all look the same. A black trifold is the norm for many men but there is no reason to stay within the norm. Allett has a different appeal, providing the thinnest wallet for every walk of life. Your lifestyle reflects your personality, and Allett has a line of several wallet choices to fit everyone's needs, from fast-paced professionals to rugged outdoorsmen.

Broker by Weekday, Golfer by Weekend

If you have a ton of cards like credit or business cards, the classic leather wallet is for you. With its Napa leather, it is soft to the touch but incredibly durable for constant use. Comfortably hold all of your personal IDs, cash, and receipts in one classic design. With its chic and intuitive engineering, you can be sure to reduce the bulge of a regular wallet. Keep business cards handy as you maneuver the golf links on the weekend or use its ample space to hand out your own cards! A new thin, leather wallet holds the key to success.

For the Minimalist

You're the guy who likes to keep it simple. There is no need for the tons of extra items you might find in other people’s wallets. A debit card and cash is all you need. For your needs, take a look at Allett's leather sport wallet. With its smaller shape, this wallet fits well in almost any pocket, including workout pants. You still have enough space for critical ID and business cards without a bulky wallet at your side.

The Tradesman

If you work in a very physically demanding job, including construction or woodworking, you need a wallet that can be cleaned off easily. The nylon original wallet still holds 24 cards but the durable material allows you to wipe the surface down quickly if it should ever become dirty. Stains may dot the wallet during the day, but they can easily be swiped away, leaving you with a wallet that is good as new.

Play Time

Does your idea of a fantastic weekend include skiing and hiking? For the rough-and-tumble fans, the nylon sport wallet offers convenient storage with an easily wiped surface. If the wallet is exposed to water, for example, the nylon wicks away the moisture, as long as you let it air dry. These wallets offer durability against the elements with an elegant appearance.

The James Bond Type

If you travel a lot, and are relatively tech-savvy, you know that thieves are on the constant lookout for victims. It is even possible to steal credit card information using devices near your wallet. Allett knows you need to keep your identity and credit cards safe in this world of constant identity theft. Try the RFID wallet, which uses an alloy lining to thwart would-be thieves. Your information is always safe in these wallets.

Browse through our extraordinary supply of wallets to find your perfect match. Think about your lifestyle and narrow down your wallet choices. You’ll be sure to find a favorite wallet that will stand the test of time.

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