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Product Tech

slim wallet product tech


The Original Flex

Offers an inconceivable advantage in comfort. The strategically placed space between cards makes the Original thin style wallet flexible whether carried as a back or front pocket wallet. The Original Flex helps to avoid the common adverse pressure that is applied to the sciatic nerve causing pain and discomfort. Allett’s patented Original Flex feature is a superior advantage.


Anchor Grip

Security in its slimmest and simplest form. Most Allett credit card pockets are reinforced with a rubberized grip. When life spins out of control you can feel at ease with your cards where they belong. 


RFID Blocking Technology

Found in a selection of Allett products, RFID blocking technology protects against credit card and identity theft. An undetectable and nearly weightless alloy lining is built into the wallet and guards your personal information from being stolen electronically. Use an Allett RFID blocking wallet and make safe the everyday standard.




Time Lapse

Each component used in building an Allett slim wallet is put through sensitive time lapse testing. No single element is applied to production without passing strict durability standards. Lifespan is the highest measure of quality; if it doesn’t last, it doesn’t exist.