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Allett: Wallets Made in USA

As an American company making goods in the U.S.A., Allett understands the value of offering these types of products to markets. “Made in USA” is more than just a slogan, and it is more than just happenstance. It is a dedication to the quality you will find in ‘Made in America’ products, and to the economy as a whole.


Making the American Economy Work

From the pages of high-minded journals to the regular op-ed page of your daily newspaper, you’ll see a lot of talk about the outsourcing phenomenon and how it has hurt the country’s economy. New technologies and other advances have allowed for a global market model, but that hasn’t always been good for either consumers or producers. Economists agree that to be healthy, a country needs a manufacturing base, and ours has been crumbling away for decades, as big companies found ways to send jobs overseas, to save a few bucks.


Selling and buying made in America products involves keeping economic profits at home, rather than investing in companies that ship capital offshore and never put anything back into the American economy. When you buy with the “made in USA” label, you know that you’re contributing to more prosperity for those in your communities, keeping economic productivity flowing within our borders.


American-Made Quality

Although buying American-made products can help the economy, there’s more to this label than just a contribution to our national success. There’s also the quality that’s inherent in these products.


Many products made and shipped in from overseas have been found to be of pretty inferior design and durability. To put it simply, companies may cut corners on quality to undersell American companies that may charge more for products. But although American consumers are definitely price-conscious, price isn’t everything.


Part of the quality standard for American-made products involves the kinds of thinking that dominate local companies. People are dedicated to making things better, not just making them cheap. Also, companies can take all of that money spent on shipping inferior goods across oceans in shipping containers, and put that into materials and design for a much better result.


For another example of American quality, look at sectors of the American economy that are thriving within manufacturing and industrial fields. Things like CNC machining and computer aided design are powerful tools for innovation and driving higher-design products, and these are the sectors that are growing within the American economy. While much of the market for cheap goods may be overseas, a lot of the markets for specialized, high-design products are still right here at home.


American Labor

It can also be instructive to look at the American labor picture. Yes, in America, there are labor laws and protections for workers. There are minimum wage laws – just look at what’s happening now, as cities, states and municipalities join the executive office in arguing for and enacting living wages. That may drive up the price, but it also adds to the quality of products and the integrity of the process. Instead of “sweatshop goods,” you get products crafted with pride, and with care, by compensated professionals.


Buying Allett Products

At Allett, that high quality of our products illustrates the benefits of buying American. This starts with the materials that we use for our wallets — with Napa leather, our supply chain is part of what promises our customers a higher standard and a more durable product. We take care to combine the best materials, the best labor and the best processes into products our customers will love – not just on the way home from the store, but for years and years of use.


Then there’s the design — from the creation of specialized alloys in our RFID blocking wallets, to the high quality seam work in the entire product line, all of this is made possible by a deliberate choice to source products within the country and create a standard for manufacturing that benefits our customers. Take a look at the long-lasting products you can get from Allett and consider whether it makes more sense to buy one high-quality American-made product, or keep buying the kinds of cheap items you find in your local big box store.

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