Adventure every day

Take a look in the dictionary, and you’ll read that an adventure is ‘An unusual, exciting, or daring experience.’ Or something along those lines, anyway.   Is the guy climbing the Rockies on an adventure? What about somebody taking a weird route home, or the office worker who gets to […]

Posted 25th May 2016   |   Categories: Adventure

Keep up that momentum

What did you promise to change about yourself back in January? Was it to lose weight, quit smoking, or get out more? Maybe it was a combination of things.   ‘Fess up. How’s that going for you? If you’re like 92% of Americans, you’ll have failed already – just a […]

Posted 14th May 2016   |   Categories: Adventure

Can your bucket list

A bucket list is way to make life meaningful by adding memorable moments. They often contain things that connect people to something larger, and personally important. You’ve heard of them, we’re sure.   So, what’s the problem? Isn’t it useful to have defined goals? Sure. But these lists seem to […]

Posted 5th May 2016   |   Categories: Health

Wet weather adventures

Do you remember that rainy day you sat at home on the couch and watched re-runs? We don’t either. And nor does the person next to you. And even if you did (maybe it was a particularly good episode or something), I doubt you told anyone about the experience. The […]

Posted 20th April 2016   |   Categories: Adventure

Family adventures

The Family Adventure Project said it better than we ever could, ‘[I]t’s easier to put the TV on isn’t it? It’s less hassle to go shopping. The kids are busy and the adults need some downtime. What’s so great about doing things together anyway?’ But toss aside the safety net […]

Posted 4th April 2016   |   Categories: Adventure