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Behind the Thin Wallet: How Our Structural Design Eliminated the Clutter

Our wallet technology is not a magic trick, although it may appear as such. At Allett, we strive for a stylish yet comfortable wallet to fit in your back pocket. There should not be a telltale mountain where you sit, but a modern wallet for the busy man. Women too can benefit from a thin wallet, keeping purse sizes to a minimum. Take a look at some of our unique design perspectives to explore the thin and clutter-free wallet from Allett.


Interior Material Choices

Instead of using leather throughout the wallet, we chose a strong nylon for the interior. With a casual, but stylish appearance, this nylon allows the interior pockets to fold down into an extremely thin shape. Don’t let the thin material fool you, however. Nylon is incredibly strong, providing some flexibility with a tear proof construction. Even if you quickly push cards and coins into your wallet, the nylon will not tear, unlike other wallets that look like they’ve seen a paper shredder. Your items are safely stowed within Allett’s unique wallet design.


Exterior Construction

Whether you purchase our Nylon or Napa leather wallets, the outside material is ready for everyday use. Real cowhide has a natural barrier to tears and rips, making it one of the toughest materials to use for a wallet. Because of their natural strength, Allett’s wallets do not need to be thick to offer a rip-free construction. A thin leather wallet protects your valuables better than a thick leather from another manufacturer.
Pocket Design

Typical wallets stack their internal pockets to provide a lot of space for numerous cards. However, we have found a clever way to space the cards out with strategic pocket design. There is no layering to our wallets. Longer pocket lengths allow us to spread your items out within the wallet, separating receipts from cash, for example. Without a stacking design, your wallet remains thin, regardless of your card-carrying habits.


Considering Coins

In the past, coins were commonplace for everyday use. In today’s world, however, coins are not as prevalent. Allett responded to the cultural shift by reducing the coin pocket size. A traditional wallet uses a large pocket, whereas our wallets only offer a small or medium size space. Reducing the coin pocket size provides room for more card pockets, along with a thin shape. With credit and debit cards shaping the economic landscape, coin pockets are not a dominant force in Allett’s wallets.


Moisture Factor

If your wallet gets wet, it inevitably expands. For some wallets, this expansion may be permanent. Allett uses SoftTech nylon that actually wicks away water. If you drop the wallet in a puddle, for example, it can dry out quickly afterward. Empty the wallet, and allow it to dry. The thin wallet construction allows water to evaporate quickly, giving you a perfect wallet again. In fact, the only water-absorbing materials in the nylon wallet may be business cards, or other non-laminated items.

Browse through Allett’s quality line of thin wallets, from leather to recycled plastic materials. We select only the best materials to keep your wallet comfortable in your pocket. If you examine our pocket design, you’ll see the innovation and care we take with all our products. At Allett, we are here to bring you a stylish and functional wallet for daily use.

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