Allett in the New York Times

“Like a Girdle for Your Credit Cards” By MICHELLE SLATALLA Published: May 12, 2005 THERE was a time, before the advent of fanny packs, messenger bags and the man-purse, when you knew what a wallet stood for.   In the 1960’s my father’s scuffed brown leather wallet contained all the […]

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Allett Ultra Slim Blue Original

Customer Spotlight: The Blue Original

Every time a loyal customer sends their old wallet in and shares their story with us, we feel it deserves some spotlight. Especially if it’s a handwritten letter! “Hi, I have just purchased a new ALLETT to replace this one which I purchased back in 2005 or 2006 – I’m […]

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Allett Thin Wallets

Why we love the Ultra Slim Original wallet

After 20+ years of making thin wallets, we’ve stayed true to the mission of trying to fit as many cards, cash and receipts into a space that is thinner than anything else out there. That’s why, to this day, we are still producing one of our favorite and best selling […]

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San Diego Skydiver Allett Slim

Never Leave Home Without It

San Diego Navy members put our products through the paces.   San Diego, California is one of the most famous cities in America. It’s often referred to as “America’s Finest City,” and whether you agree with that nickname or not, you have to admit that it’s a great place to […]

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Allett Slim Wallets Adventure Slim Blog

Hear It From The Makers (Interview with Bridget Muscat)

Winter Outdoor Retailer 2017 brought yet another round of amazing conversations, new friends, and good vibes. We were fortunate enough to meet up with Brian Brinkerhoff from Backcountry Radio Network and connect through the show, where he interviews Bridget -President and Sales Manager of Allett- and talks about the features, ethos […]

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Allett Greenie Slim Wallet

Customer Spotlight: The Grand Adventures of “Greenie”

“I had one of the original sail-cloths for about 15 years. My niece’s husband said: “As long as I’ve known you, you’ve had that green wallet.” I had bought it right after the NY Times article about a small company in San Diego making “thin wallets”. That green, tattered thing […]

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Allett Slim Wallet Sweet & Low

7 Things to Never Carry in Your Wallet

We’re going to preface this post with a quick “there are literally thousands of things you shouldn’t put in your wallet,” but we’ve picked the top 7 (or maybe 6) of the usual suspects people tend to fall victim to. These will help keep your wallet slim, eliminate clutter, and […]

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Allett Slim Sport Wallet Butt Beach

5 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Carry A Slim Wallet

Slim wallets aren’t for everyone. Weird for us to say right? Based on our 21 years of experience in the business, we’ve figured out the top reasons people are out there trying to make the change from a big bulky wallet to a slim one. But for those who aren’t, […]

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This is an image captured at yellowstone national park for allett slim wallet

We’re all just a bunch of junkies. What’s your next fix?

Your regular thoughts dissipate. Your heart tries to leap out of your mouth. Your stomach wrenches into a ball of a thousand trampling unicorns. Palms sweaty, weak knees, wide eyed. Fear. Joy. Strength. Empowerment. Adventurers: This is about you!   What is it about adventuring, or being in a completely […]

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Zion – What You Need to Know About Hiking the Narrows

August: A month known for its high temps, beating rays, and sunburns. But despite the heat, there are a ton of places you can explore that lend themselves perfectly to an outdoor adventure. As native San Diegans, we’re used to spending our days out by the beach during the summer. […]

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Sunny Days, Fishing the Blues Away

July is probably one of the nicest months to experience a truly beautiful summer day in San Diego. You’re past the June gloom, and it’s not yet hot enough for the August broil. If you live in or are from So Cal you know exactly what I mean. Days are […]

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Adventure every day

Take a look in the dictionary, and you’ll read that an adventure is ‘An unusual, exciting, or daring experience.’ Or something along those lines, anyway.   Is the guy climbing the Rockies on an adventure? What about somebody taking a weird route home, or the office worker who gets to […]

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Keep up that momentum

What did you promise to change about yourself back in January? Was it to lose weight, quit smoking, or get out more? Maybe it was a combination of things.   ‘Fess up. How’s that going for you? If you’re like 92% of Americans, you’ll have failed already – just a […]

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Can your bucket list

A bucket list is way to make life meaningful by adding memorable moments. They often contain things that connect people to something larger, and personally important. You’ve heard of them, we’re sure.   So, what’s the problem? Isn’t it useful to have defined goals? Sure. But these lists seem to […]

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Wet weather adventures

Do you remember that rainy day you sat at home on the couch and watched re-runs? We don’t either. And nor does the person next to you. And even if you did (maybe it was a particularly good episode or something), I doubt you told anyone about the experience. The […]

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