Can your bucket list

A bucket list is way to make life meaningful by adding memorable moments. They often contain things that connect people to something larger, and personally important. You’ve heard of them, we’re sure.   So, what’s the problem? Isn’t it useful to have defined goals? Sure. But these lists seem to […]

Posted 5th May 2016   |   Categories: Health

Lightweight Travel Hacks

Make Your Next Trip Light as a Feather No matter where you’re going on your next trip, you’ll benefit from learning how to pack light. In today’s world, part of being better prepared means planning ahead, not just bringing more stuff, but packing for a trip in a way that […]

Posted 12th February 2016   |   Categories: Health

The Back Pocket Wallet Syndrome

More than a few men come into doctor’s offices each year, complaining about mysterious back pain. Chiropractors or other medical professionals have to figure out what’s causing the pain, and what’s happening to the body, looking at many different factors and considerations related to lifestyle and more. For instance, a […]

Posted 14th October 2015   |   Categories: Health
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The Importance of RFID Protection in Wallets

Wallet Protection And Changes in New Technology In the old days, the biggest things that you had to look for in a wallet or billfold were portability and style. But these days, there is a lot more to evaluate, partly because of the ways that commercial transactions have changed. Just […]

Posted 17th July 2015   |   Categories: Health

Allett: Wallets Made in USA

As an American company making goods in the U.S.A., Allett understands the value of offering these types of products to markets. “Made in USA” is more than just a slogan, and it is more than just happenstance. It is a dedication to the quality you will find in ‘Made in […]

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Behind the Thin Wallet: How Our Structural Design Eliminated the Clutter

Our wallet technology is not a magic trick, although it may appear as such. At Allett, we strive for a stylish yet comfortable wallet to fit in your back pocket. There should not be a telltale mountain where you sit, but a modern wallet for the busy man. Women too […]

Posted 8th April 2014   |   Categories: Health

Lost or Stolen Wallet? 5 Steps to Protecting Yourself

At Allett, we strive to create thin wallets that are perfect for back pockets or purses. Because of their thin construction, they are often overlooked by thieves. They simply want an easy target, making a bulging wallet a more obvious choice than our thin wallet selections. However, if your wallet […]

Posted 18th March 2014   |   Categories: Health

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Thinner Wallet

Are you tired of carrying around a large, bulky wallet? If so, then it may be time to make the switch to an Allett wallet. Our wallets are designed to be significantly thinner and lighter weight while still being able to hold your IDs, credit cards, membership cards, cash, and […]

Posted 18th February 2014   |   Categories: Health
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Sciatica and You: Health Facts Behind the Damage of Sitting on Your Wallet

We’ve all seen men with their huge wallets full of credit cards, memberships and bulging receipts sticking out of their back pocket. We have definitely also witnessed people sitting down on them to drive off to work or home. Doesn’t that wallet hurt when they sit down? Because of habit, […]

Posted 15th February 2014   |   Categories: Health