How to Help During COVID-19: Here’s What to Do!

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How to Help During COVID-19: Here’s What to Do!

During the unprecedented times of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a great outpouring of help, care for others and support within our communities.

Many everyday situations which we have previously taken for granted like trips to the store, visiting grandparents, and even simple activities such as exercise have been increasingly more difficult for a large number of us within this recent outbreak of the coronavirus.

Many everyday items we rely on such as toilet paper, cold and flu medications, soaps, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer have been difficult or even in some cases, almost impossible to get hold of!

There are many ways you can help those in the most danger, such as the elderly, young people, animals and front line workers in hospitals and other care workers in your own community.

Let’s take a look at some ways below you can really make a difference.

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How can I help?

● Don’t hoard or overbuy essentials
    • One of the most important things you can do to keep others from feeling less anxious is ensuring that you don’t over-buy or hoard essential items.
● Foster a homeless pet.
    • Get in touch with your local homeless pet shelter and offer to give a dog or cat some love during a time when many shelters are struggling with resources.
● Buy groceries for neighbors Help the older members of your community by offering to buy their much-needed essentials

● Shop small at local small businesses.
    • This is a perfect time to support local and fledgling businesses in the heart of your community.
● Keep donating
    • If you do end up overbuying, consider donating your extra items instead of storing them. Homeless shelters and animal shelters are in real need of supplies like hand sanitizer and cleaning products. If you have any you can spare, simply do a Google search for local shelters in the area that are accepting contactless drop-offs.

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Another way to help:

As we know, protective equipment is currently in extremely short supply for those who are putting themselves at risk daily as part of our front-line teams.

So here at Allett, we’re hard at work manufacturing non-medical grade masks to be donated directly to those in need. Our masks are produced from the highest quality polypropylene non-woven filter coupled with an antimicrobial fabric layer for comfort and protection.

We are helping:

● Those in need within the community
● Hospitals
● First responders
● Retirement homes

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With your help, we've already donated well over 100,000 masks and we plan to keep it going.

Each and every mask is delivered to our customers, their loved ones, family and others who are working on the front line during this recent COVID 19 outbreak.

Our hardworking team is busy producing masks in Los Angeles, San Diego and just over the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Let’s carry on achieving something wonderful together in these current challenging times!

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