ReddyYeti Podcast Interview with Adam, Co-Owner of Allett

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Adam got on the line with Reddy Yeti a podcast that focuses the stories behind start-up entrepreneurs. Adam came on to talk about the journey of Allett, how we started making the slimmest wallets and continue to grow after 25 years of manufacturing in California. 


Adam, Co-owner of Allett wallets discusses the beginning of Allett in 1995, our patented slim wallet design and how the business has progressed through the years. He explains the challenges of starting up manufacturing in-house at our headquarters in San Diego just nine years ago and what our experience making slim wallets today is like.  Adam touches on our journey in achieving superior quality and extended lifespan through strict quality control standards for our slim wallets.  Adam shares how we've incorporated sustainability into our supply chain. He talks about his experience working directly with the leather tanneries and fabric mills. Plenty of juicy details including our biggest challenges and the good times at Allett Wallets are waiting for you in this podcast.  Thanks for listening!


Micro-pen for slim allett wallet



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