Why we love the Ultra Slim Original wallet

After 20+ years of making thin wallets, we’ve stayed true to the mission of trying to fit as many cards, cash and receipts into a space that is thinner than anything else out there. That’s why, to this day, we are still producing one of our favorite and best selling wallets, the Ultra Slim Original. We felt this carry piece deserves it’s own little spotlight, so we’re giving you our top favorite reasons this is the best wallet out there.  Capacity - You can fit up to 25 cards, cash and receipts all in this one wallet. It stays extremely thin and even has a divider in the main pocket for cash/receipts.

Allett Thin Wallet Capacity  

Material Efficiency - Using only two small pieces of extremely thin rip-stop nylon fabric, we’re able to achieve ultimate thinness without creating waste or excess use of materials.

Allett Thin Wallets Interior

Wallet Bend - Because of the layout, the wallet is able to bend in the middle, which conforms to your bum while you’re sitting, making it a great wallet for driving if you have a habit of never taking it out.

Allett Thin Wallet Bend  

Have other reasons why you love the Ultra Slim Original? Shoot us an email and give us your feedback, we'd love to hear it!

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