What Makes a Nylon Wallet Luxury?

By Veronica Eisner

Updated April 04, 2024 @ 05:27PM

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Many of us enjoy a bit of luxury now and again, especially with our fashion. We may own brand name jackets, or we own expensive designer purses, or we may by hats from well known luxury brands. No matter our socio-economic status, where we live, or our personal fashion choices, we all want to feel like we own stuff of value – stuff that is genuinely worth something.

In the luxury world, it’s easy to see how leather wallets showcase that luxury. If you haven’t taken a look at our leather wallets, we encourage you to do so now, because you’ll be able to easily see how the sharp lines, clean upscale leather, and minimalism gives the immediate appearance of luxury. Not only are they genuinely high quality, but they look high quality as well. 

But the same isn’t often said about nylon wallets. Nylon wallets are not typically associated with luxury for a variety of [unfair] reasons, such as:

  • They’re often associated with children’s wallets, as many child’s wallets are made with nylon.
  • Nylon is considered an inexpensive material, which causes people to associate it with cheapness.
  • Very few luxury brands make nylon wallets, partially for the reasons above, but also because the material’s *advantages*, which we will get to in a moment, are not the ones that luxury brands typically market towards.

So, it’s understandable in a sense that nylon wallets are not considered to be luxury. But at Allett, we’re here to show you why they are, and why we as a designer wallet manufacturer have put so much time and effort into creating luxury nylon wallets.

Man holding Allett Trifold Wallet

How Can Nylon Be Luxury?

In order to understand nylon, we also have to understand leather. The word “leather” is associated with luxury, but there are many different grades of leather. The most common, called “genuine leather” is actually one the cheapest. It falls apart easily, it is not as smooth to the touch, it is not breathable or soft, and it doesn’t develop leather’s luxury patina.

So, if one were to say “leather wallet” but find a wallet made with genuine leather, you would quickly find that it is not luxury at all despite its name. Only top grade leather, like the Nappa leather we use here at Allett, can really be considered luxury.

Nylon is very similar. Most people are familiar only with the inexpensive, easily accessible nylon used by non-luxury brands. But what we use here at Allett is a very specific breathable ripstop nylon, which uses a delicately woven fabric that, as the name suggests, prevents rips and tears. With its added reinforcement, this nylon makes a better quality material.

But what makes these nylon pieces luxury is also much more than that. 

One of the reasons many designer brands do not make nylon wallets is because nylon wallets are especially useful for athletics. While cheap nylon is flimsy and not very breathable, the high end ripstop woven nylon is designed to move with you. It is:

  • Breathable
  • Weather resistant
  • Sweat resistant

It is a software fabric that is meant to be placed in clothes that receive a lot of heavy abuse, all while easily maintaining its form and function. Our designer nylon wallets can also be easily cleaned, and are still designed to look sharp with lines used in upscale minimalist wallet designs.

These Are Luxury Wallets

In addition to the quality of the material, these nylon wallets are made with a micro pen pocket, a no slip card grip, RFID blocking technology, and ultra slim design. 

These are high quality, high end wallets, designed for those that appreciate and desire the quality of luxury items and brand names, but want one that they can use for their best adventures. If you’ve never had a luxury nylon wallet before, try our wallets here at Allett and you’ll quickly see why these wallets are so much better than the wallets you’ve seen before. 

Order yours, today, from Allett. 

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