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Lightweight Travel Hacks

Make Your Next Trip Light as a Feather

No matter where you’re going on your next trip, you’ll benefit from learning how to pack light. In today’s world, part of being better prepared means planning ahead, not just bringing more stuff, but packing for a trip in a way that helps you move more easily from place to place, with more comfort and more confidence.


Here are some recommendations from travel experts on how to streamline your packing, to drag less gear around through every step of your itinerary.


Go On A ‘Packing Diet’

One of the biggest and most fundamental rules for light packing is to make your possessions fit in the bag, rather than trying to get more luggage to fit all of your stuff into. Many experts recommend bringing one bag that complies with carry-on size limits. Then look at all of the items and choose those that are most useful — and leave the rest.


Versatile Clothing

You can also save a lot of packing space by looking carefully at clothes that you will bring on the trip. For example, bring layers, rather than packing bulky jackets or coats. Some types of materials, like synthetics or lightweight wool, can be useful in more than one type of climate. And when it comes to shoes, choosing flats over heels or tough sneakers over boots can make a big difference, too.


Never Bring Full-Sized Containers

There’s a whole lot of space-saving potential in having small containers to haul around things like soap, shaving cream and shampoo. By downsizing your cosmetics, you’ll have a better chance of complying with new airline regulations, but you’ll also be opening up room in your backpack.


Try Multipurpose Items

Some relatively light and compact choices can help you get more out of everything that you put in your bag. One example is the Indian sarong, popular with many world travelers, that can do double duty as either a dress or a tablecloth. Think about what every piece of gear brings to the table, and what it offers relative to its bulk.


Try a Handy Passport-Sized Wallet

For going anywhere outside of your home country, having a wallet built specifically for a passport can be an essential part of making sure everything you need is in your pocket during the trip. Try an Allett Classic Leather Traveler Wallet model that will accommodate both passport and credit cards, and still fit right into your pocket. For better security, take a look at this KeepSafe RFID Passport Wallet design. You can also carry your passport and cards in here, with a layer of insulating material to deter hackers using hotspot-related phishing methods to try to get your financial information off of your credit cards.

Leave the House Keys at Home

A common mistake with convenient packing involves bringing the keys to your house thousands of miles to wherever you want to go. Those little items are going to have any possible use during your trip, so think about leaving them on the counter at home.

There are countless more travel hacks and these are just a few simple ideas. Are any of these tips something that you have tried? What are some other lightweight travel hacks that you have used?

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