Masks Care & Best Practices

Congratulations on the purchase of your Allett Masks.We want to share a few tips for taking care of your new masks.
Caring for your mask

Wash your hands before & after putting your mask on.

Strap onto ears, shape flex wire on nose & secure mask snuggly onto face without gaps.

Avoid touching your face while wearing your mask.

Hand wash with warm water & laundry soap before and after use. Hang to dry.

Follow the care instructions to increase the longevity of the filter in your mask. When the polypropylene filter layer becomes punctured or breaks down, it’s time to replace your mask. Remember, these are non-medical grade masks,not recommended for clinical use.

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  • 3We will donate a mask to essential workers for every selfie posted.
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Masks Can't Hide Our Smiles

Watching people come together to deliver care and essential services to the community is a beautiful thing. Thank you for supporting our effort to keep the community safe. Send donation inquiries to