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The political left and right may seem to have nothing in common, but there is at least one area in which the opposite ends of the political spectrum are in surprisingly close agreement: the issue of privacy from the government. Conservatives tend to fulminate against IRS snoopery and civil forfeiture and liberals tend to put more emphasis on the all-encompassing spying of the NSA. The principle is the same: nobody likes to feel that there are eyes watching everything they do.

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Allett Press Release 1212016Press Release 12/1/2016

San Diego, California (Dec. 1, 2016) – After taking over the business in 2008, siblings and owners Adam and Bridget Muscat have been working hard to push Allett, a San Diego based wallet manufacturer since 1995, into the outdoor space. It wasn’t until 2016 when they decided it was time for the brand to receive a facelift.

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The ALLETT ORIGINAL WALLET was built for quality, toughness, comfort, durability, adventure and style! Designed to be slim, yet big enough to fit important cards, cash and papers needed in a wallet, the Original is small enough to be slipped into your front or back pockets where it will go unnoticed whether you are out hiking, climbing, traveling or in a business meeting.

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Los Angeles Times

For international travel, check out Allett’s passport wallet ( Besides room for your passport, it allows space for any size international currency, a significant number of cards and several forms of identification. The threaded RFID security fabric is used on all faces of the wallet, providing close-encounter data protection.

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