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Wet weather adventures

Do you remember that rainy day you sat at home on the couch and watched re-runs? We don’t either. And nor does the person next to you. And even if you did (maybe it was a particularly good episode or something), I doubt you told anyone about the experience. The point is: rain is just another excuse to be lazy – and being lazy is a good way to let potentially memorable moments slip by without even noticing.


Set yourself the following challenge. The next time it’s raining heavily, get your waterproof gear on, and walk somewhere that you’ve either never been to, or at least don’t go to very often.


We’ve noticed that there’s a strange feeling of invincibility when you’re wrapped up in your elements-proof armour. There’s a backdrop of people running with grimaces on faces, newspapers over heads, umbrellas being pulled this way and that. Folks drop everything they’re doing in the short-term to find shelter. It must be a survival thing. But to defy that – to amble casually, carefree in the pouring rain – makes you feel strong, and oddly safe. We bet that no matter where you do this exercise, you’ll be one of the few people around (by ‘around’ we mean really, truly present in that place in time, and not just thinking, ‘Crap, I’ve got to get out of this rain’). It’d be a struggle to walk solo in broad daylight any other time; it’s your town or city, but not as you know it.


And you don’t need to do anything when you get to where you’re going, by the way; maybe grab a coffee, or just watch the slightly unfamiliar world go by. It’s a different perspective, something a little off-the-cuff to talk about with your friends, and you know, when you finally do get home to veg out on the couch, you’ll appreciate that re-run a whole lot more. PJs never feel better than after a chilly excursion.


We’ll be doing this too, next chance we get (the walking in the rain part, not the couch and PJs). Keep an eye on our twitter feed for a live wet-weather adventure. If you’re around San Diego, come and join us; it’s always great to meet a fellow adventurer.

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