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Allett has manufactured thin style wallets in San Diego, CA. since 1995. We started with idea of designing a minimalist wallet that will hold everything you need, while staying slim and comfortable to carry. Standard wallets are bulky and difficult to fit into modern jacket and pants pockets. Allett slim wallets are made using about a fourth of the material of a standard wallet. Our line has evolved over the past two decades and now includes premium, thin travel wallets, slim leather wallets, and credit card holders.


We recently launched a new line of RFID blocking wallets, specifically designed to combat the increasing problem of identity theft. Allett RFID wallets block radio frequencies used to heist your identity and credit card information. These protective wallets are lined with the same RFID blocking alloy used by the US military in their tactical gear. Our slim RFID wallet collection is the quintessential combination of modern advancement and classic style.


Allett is a family owned and operated company. We make products that provide comfort, style, and performance. All of our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.