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Mechanics of Thin

Mechanics of Thin Wallet

Material Technology


SoftTech Nylon is a thin and essentially weightless rip-stop material. The cross pattern stitch found in our SoftTech Nylon provides tear-resistant strength and long lasting durablitly. SoftTech nylon wicks away moisture. This fast drying material is paper thin yet tough as nails.


Allett’s Classic Leather thin wallets are made with top quality Napa cowhide. The full grain leather shows the true characteristics of the hide and allows for the fibers natural strength. Noted for its soft, supple feel and lasting durability; rather than wearing out, Napa leather develops a patina over time. The grain has breathability, producing less moisture while allowing for a faster dry time. Combined with SoftTech nylon, the thin cut of Napa leather creates the perfect balance for an optimally performing wallet.


Pocket Distribution


Pocket placement is an important factor that can determine how thick a wallet becomes even before anything goes into it. Allett makes sure to scatter the pocket placement in each wallet just enough to avoid overlapping too many seams therefore avoiding a bulky composition. For example, on select styles, the receipt pocket is substantially deeper than the cash pocket.  Distributing cash and receipt pockets creates less build up when carrying an overflow of cash and receipts. Allett’s patented side by side pocket design is the ideal solution in creating a high capacity yet thin wallet.


Composition Reduction


The fewer layers the thinner the end result. Excessive pockets in a wallet creates clutter where organization is needed most. Allett offers solutions to organization woes with a minimalistic approach.