Types of Jobs that Benefit From a High Capacity Wallet

By Veronica Eisner

Updated April 22, 2024 @ 01:15PM

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At Allett Wallets, we’re passionate about minimalism. We make ultra-slim wallets that are designed specifically to hold everything you should carry with you, yet do so without any extra frills that go unused or end up holding trash. Our slim wallets are one of the reasons why we have so many repeat customers, as our wallets are not only high quality, but some of the easiest wallets to carry.

Still, when we say “slim wallets,” we don’t mean wallets that can only carry a few cards. Slim is a style and size. There are some individuals that need high capacity wallets – wallets designed to carry a large number of items with them at any given time. Though very few people qualify, some jobs do require high capacity wallets that have space for a large number of items.

Why Would Someone Need a High Capacity Wallet?

Most people do not need a wallet that fits more than 12 cards and some cash. Experts strongly recommend that you do not carry more than 2 credit or debit cards on you at any given time unless absolutely necessarily, let alone 12 cards, and if you include other cards you may need (for example, insurance cards or gift cards) it is still very unlikely that you need more than 12.

It’s not credit, debit, or gift cards that typically require a high capacity wallet. It’s business cards. Almost all individuals that hand out a lot of business cards typically need to hold at minimum 5 business cards on them at any given time, and sometimes – especially if attending networking events – far, far more than that. 

Some of the jobs that often require high capacity wallets include, but are not limited to:

  • Sales – Of course, many people that work in sales will carry business cards on them at all times, because they have to hand out these cards sometimes multiple times a day. Sales people may need at least one high capacity wallet for work.
  • Insurance – Insurance is a relationship industry, and while most people in the insurance world do not hand out more than 5 cards a day, they may hand out enough of them that they feel like they need to carry more at any given time.
  • Home Services, Sometimes – Some home service businesses hand out business cards during estimates and after service is over. For example, many landscapers will complete their work and hand out a business card to the person they worked for, as well as any neighbors or anyone else nearby. That’s a lot of business cards a person may need. 

Business cards may not be the only reason that people need large capacity wallets, however. For example, people that work as inspectors, especially for the state, sometimes need to carry multiple ID cards that represent the different types of inspections they do. 

These are all situations in which someone may need a wallet that requires a lot of pockets, and thus a higher capacity wallet.

How Many Cards Pockets Does a High Capacity Wallet Need?

Now, keep in mind that sometimes, when a wallet says it has room for “12 cards,” (for example) you can fit even more if you’re placing business cards. Between the card pockets and the cash pockets, many people can fit more than 12 items in these wallets with a bit of a snug fit. It is very rare that someone needs a wallet that is designed to fit more than 10 to 15 cards, because you can usually fit more than that as long as you’re comfortable with a snug fit.

Finding the Perfect Wallet for You

Even in situations where you do need to be able to carry a lot of items with you, you may not need that type of wallet every day. Many people have two wallets, one for situations where a lot of cards is warranted, and another for every day use, or they have a business card holder that they carry to events, and keep a more limited number of cards in their pocket.

Everyone has their own preferences for a wallet, and Allett is here to help. Explore our entire selection to find the large capacity wallet or smaller wallets that best meet your needs. 

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