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Durable, lightweight, and efficient. The perfect wallet to maximize your everyday potential.

womens wallet, slim wallet, thin wallet


Beauty meets brawn, slim wallets to style you out for any kind of adventure.

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Ultra Slim

Light as a feather, thin as paper. Slim, efficient, and built for the anywhere and everywhere.

Shop Next Level Protection

Life’s complicated enough without your data being stolen

Rest easy, the RFID wallets use a nearly weightless alloy lining to block several forms of electronic signals.

RFID Leather Original Wallet - Black-647

RFID Passport

RFID Leather ID Wallet- Black-698


RFID Original

RFID Leather Sport

RFID Sport
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Slim Wallets Since 1995

Don’t let your wallet weigh you down

We’ve been making wallets in San Diego since 1995. We started with the idea of designing a minimalist wallet that could hold everything you need, stay slim, is comfortable to carry, and have less impact on the environment. For all of these reasons, Allett wallets are made using about a fourth of the material of a standard wallet. Our entire production team is based in San Diego and our products have been proudly American-made since the beginning.

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident in our products that each one comes with a 3-year warranty.

Free Shipping and Returns

Anything mail-related is on us. All orders ship within 48 hours.

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Every order supports Adventures Without Limits, an organization created to helping people get out and see the world.