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Solid, professional, and attractive.

Evan Duncan on Oct 31, 2016

Solid, professional, and attractive. Does everything you need it to. I bought this to replace a much bulkier, Chinese-made passport holder purchased for me by my employer. I much prefer this American made passport wallet.

Leather Original Slim Wallet

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Made to last!

DEnnis on Dec 5, 2016

I bought my first one 6 years ago right after I had lunch with a client. He commented on my THICK "George Costanza" wallet and showed his Allett to me.. Last year I upgraded to the RFID Leather wallet and it is also excellent. My old wallet is in my briefcase with gift cards, membership cards, etc and will probably last forever. I bought one for my son and friends as gifts--all positive responses from my friends. They say they have a bunch of "gift wallets" in a drawer but this is the one they use! Quite a testimonial

Nylon Coin Wallet

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I adore this wallet.

Melanie on July 2, 2016

It has given me so much extra space in my purse. I love the two sections for paper--one for cash and the other for receipts. If I'm traveling overseas, I can use each section for different currency. The cards stay in their pockets very securely and the wallet still remains slimmer (half the thickness of my old wallet). My parter was so jealous of mine that I had to order one for her as well. The purple color is lovely, as is the blue.

Leather Coin Wallet

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Canadian Approved!

Gary M on Aug 1, 2015

We Canadians need a (thin) wallet with a coin pocket for our $1 (loonie) and $2 (toonie) coins. This one is perfect! I also carry my vehicle key in the coin pocket and can hide a plastic or paper card in it as well. The receipt pocket, alongside the cash pocket, is a useful feature. Now I carry only two things in my pockets: (w)Allett and smartphone.

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