Slim Leather Wallets

Slim Sport Wallet Allett
The signature slim leather wallets, built with a leather exterior and a nylon interior.

Ultra Slim Wallets

Allett Ultra Slim Wallet Women's
Light as a feather, thin as paper. Slim wallets made fully out of nylon material.

RFID Slim Wallets

Allett RFID Wallets Slim
RFID protected, slim and stylish. Built with a leather exterior and nylon interior.


 Slim Wallets Since 1995

Don’t let your wallet weigh you down

We’ve been making wallets in San Diego since 1995. We started with the idea of designing a minimalist wallet that could hold everything you need, stay slim, is comfortable to carry, and have less impact on the environment. For all of these reasons, Allett wallets are made using about a fourth of the material of a standard wallet. Our entire production team is based in San Diego and our products have been proudly American-made since the beginning.

 This is an image of a person in the warehouse constructing a thin wallet. It shows his hands placing a cutting template.


Our Guarantee

We’re so confident in our products that each one comes with a 3-year warranty.

Free Domestic Shipping

Don’t worry about those fees, they’re on us. All orders also ship within 48 hours. Find out more.