Our Factory

Our factory is the heart of our business, and our crew is the beat that keeps it alive. Every product we make is hand done in house by our talented crafters.
Design Ethos

We live in a world of minimalism and chaos, and so we need to stay clutter-free and ready for whatever life has to throw at us. We instill this philosophy into our products. Every product we make has been rigorously tested for durability, and patented for its lightweight slim design. If you cram your Allett to capacity, it’ll still be thinner than a regular wallet when it’s empty. Would you believe they’re also water resistant, ultra durable, un-hackable, and made by a team of passionate San Diego locals?


It takes a steady hand to make such a slim wallet, and there’s nearly no room for error. Everyone plays a vital role in the process, and we take special care to make sure that process is streamlined. It all begins with a large cutting press to format the leather and fabric to size. The material is folded and prepped for sewing, where it’s finely stitched together. Spare threads are shaved off, and a flame is brushed lightly over the threads to seal them in place. Product is sent through quality assurance and moved to shipping. All this done at our very own headquarters in San Diego, California.