Our Factory

Located in San Diego, California since 1995.
Our factory is the heart of our business, and our crew is the beat that keeps it alive.
Every product is made in house by our talented craftspeople.
We build products that last.

Design Ethos

The idea behind our famous patented design was to make a wallet that stays slim regardless of what you put inside it. This is the philosophy that is applied in all our product design. Not only do we design for a minimal carry, we also design for practical use. This means, you don't have to ditch everything you carry to achieve a slim wallet. It also means, you can expect to love your wallet for a lot of years. Our slim wallets come in many shapes and sizes with features like RFID blocking technology. If you cram your Allett to capacity, it’ll still be thinner than a normal wallet when it’s empty. 


You'd be surprised how many steps are involved in making an Allett wallet. It takes a steady hand and well tuned machines to operate with the precision we need to reach the quality we require. The customer experience is what we're after and it depends greatly on our attention to detail and dedication to the process.  QC is performed in each step of the production process. It all begins with cutting materials like leather and nylon using our heavy clicker press. The material is passed through our automated gluing machine and edges are folded and prepped for sewing. Spare threads are shaved off, and a flame is brushed lightly over the threads to seal them in place. The logo is heat pressed into the leather wallet. Product is sent through final touches and packaged up before it's ready to ship. All this done at our very own headquarters in San Diego, California.