First things first. The name:

 Allett is pronounced similarly to the ancient Old North French word Wallet.
We just dropped the W because it was a bit too bulky.
Because, you know, we’re all about that slim life.

Allett began back in 1995 and was coined ‘The World’s Thinnest Wallet’. To this day, that statement holds true. With the combination of materials and unique design, our wallets are built so thin you’ll almost forget it’s in your pocket. We’ve kept our improvements over the years minimal but effective, allowing the integrity of the Allett name and brand to stay strong. It’s practical and useful, helping to prevent sciatica and other conditions caused by a big, bulky wallet. On top of that, we saw that it lent itself naturally to being a utility for travel and every day comfort.


At Allett we’re dedicated to developing the most practical and efficient slim wallets
to help better the lives of our customers and their everyday carry.