Our Story

First things first. The name:

 Allett is pronounced similarly to the ancient Old North French word Wallet.
We just dropped the W because it was a bit too bulky.
Because, you know, we’re all about that slim life.

“Allett had a pretty substantial reputation when we bought the company. Fortunately, it was already known for being the original ‘world’s thinnest wallet.’ As a product, it was practical and useful, helping to prevent sciatica and other conditions caused by a big, bulky wallet. On top of that, we saw that it lent itself naturally to being a utility for the adventure lifestyle. It was a perfect fit for us.


But, to us it was about more than the product; it was about why we do what we do. What problem can we solve? What can we make better? And how can we live life to the fullest?


Everything we do at Allett is based on the belief that you can find adventure every day. Whether that adventure is as humble as occasionally breaking your everyday coffee routine, or finding a new hike you’ve never done before. This is what makes us happy and where we get the full enjoyment of life. But to come full circle, it is our goal to inspire others to be happy, with our message, product, opportunities, and way of living. We don’t just make thin wallets; we make wallets for everyday people who want to get out there and experience the outdoors, take a road trip, discover new vacation spots, etc. They’re designed to straddle two disciplines: handcrafted and stylish for the city life, but lightweight and durable for the outdoor adventure.


We will always continue to challenge what is possible within the realms of adventure. And by supporting Allett, you’re supporting that very same ideology.


Building this brand is a huge part of our every day adventure, and we are dedicated to putting 100% of our care and effort into creating a quality product and lifestyle for our community.


Here’s to your everyday adventures.”


– Adam and Bridget Muscat.