Best Wallets for Men Who Hate Wallets

By Eugene Kim

Updated October 21, 2021 @ 03:06PM

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If you’re a man who needs to carry his cash, credit cards, and ID around with him, you have a few options:

  • You can get a shoulder bag.
  • You can wear a fanny pack.
  • You can carry around a backpack.

The problem is that, if you’re like most men, you use none of those. And while there’s an argument to be made that the fanny pack is pretty awesome, chances are you’re not going to be purchasing one of those any time soon.

That is why you most likely have a wallet.

Man Holding Allett Wallet

Wallets look cool. They’re also convenient. You take it out of your pocket and BAM – you have access to your money. Compared to bags and purses, where people often have to dig around to find their cash and cards under piles of garbage, a wallet is pretty useful.

But most wallets are also uncomfortable. Sometimes very uncomfortable. In your back pocket, big wallets make it hard to sit and can weigh down your pants. In your front pocket, wallets look weird, make your pants feel tighter, and can even be mistaken for other things.

There’s a reason that so many men carry around alternatives, like money clips, despite the fact that money clips are a lot less useful and prone to loss.

That is why a lot of men hate wallets. They use them, because they’re useful, but they hate them. So what do you do when you’re a man that hates wallets? What is the best wallet for men that find most wallets to be uncomfortable and annoying?

Thin Nappa Leather Wallets – Best Wallets for Men

The problem is not the wallet. The problem is the thickness of the wallet. The reason most men dislike their wallet is because most wallets are bulky, and not very comfortable for regular use. They’re bad for your back when in your back pocket, and an enormous eyesore in your front pocket.

These bulky wallets are also not that breathable, and since men sweat, a wallet that isn’t breathable is one that feels moist or hot in the pocket.

Now, at Allett, some of our most popular wallets are our nylon wallets. They’re thin, soft, durable, and water-resistant. They’re great for sports, hiking, and most day-to-day tasks.

But if you’re like most men, what you really like is leather.

Most wallets are made using “Genuine Leather.” Most people think that term means that the wallet is made with real leather, but that’s only partially true. Yes, the leather of a “Genuine Leather” wallet is real, but it also refers to a thicker type of leather that is designed to be bulkier.

What we use here at Allett is called “Nappa leather.” Nappa leather is also real leather, but instead of the thick layers of genuine leather, we use only the top layer of the hide – a higher quality of leather, without the thickness. This top layer is still extremely strong, but it is far less bulky, which makes it fit comfortably in the pocket. There’s a reason why The New York Times has described our wallets as “impossibly thin"!

In addition, Napa Leather wallets aren’t rigid like traditional leather. They can move with your legs as you move. They’re also breathable. Even though they’re leather, air is able to pass through, which makes them less hot and uncomfortable no matter what activities you’re doing.

It’s Not Wallets - It’s the Material

When we meet people who dislike wallets, what we usually find is that what they really dislike is their wallet. Maybe they’ve always used rigid designer wallets or wallets made with “genuine leather.”

Wallets are obviously the most convenient way for men to carry their cash, cards, and more. So the problem isn’t wallets. It’s the type of wallet you choose. Thin wallets make the best wallets for men and will reshape the way you think of wallets.

Leave the bulk behind, and check out our premium Nappa leather thin wallets, now available in new colors and styles.

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