Business Card Etiquette – When a Piece of Paper Makes an Impression

By Veronica Eisner

Updated June 16, 2023 @ 02:04PM

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At Allett, we make wallets to fit all of your most important items. Although we make some of the world’s slimmest minimalist wallets, we also know that a wallet is only useful if you’re about to carry what you need inside it, whether it’s cards, cash, or even a pen.

Many people carry more items than they need, filling their wallet with receipts, stamp cards they’ll never use, social security cards, and more. But there are some items beyond credit cards and cash that you absolutely should carry, and the best example of that is business cards. Open Wallet

Always Carrying the Right Cards On You

Any professional that has business cards should carry at least a few of them at all times. Business cards are how people network – they’re how deals get made, and how people find jobs. Credit cards and cash get most of the attention when people talk about wallets, but the right business card at the right time can mean more to your finances than any amount of money you carry on you.

However, it’s not “a business card” that you need. There is more to it than just carrying a card in your wallet until they day you need it. Business cards, for better or worse, have rules. The following are a few pieces of critical business card etiquette to help you complete your next sale or win over your next boss.

  • Have Enough – You should always have enough business cards on you for any occasion, because you never know who you will run into or when you need to hand a card over. That means that you make sure you have more than one on you, because the last thing you want to do is meet two people at the same time and only be able to hand your card over to one of them.
  • Clean is Critical – Good business card etiquette means making sure that the card you hand over speaks positively about who you are and what you can offer. A dingy card that has been destroyed by your wallet will not have the same impact as a beautiful, crisp card that is clean. No one wants to touch something that looks and feels gross. 
  • Spring for the Good Card Stock – High quality card stock is also important, and for two reasons. First, when you hand the card over, it makes a better first impression. Second, when the other person takes your card, they may get smudges, fingerprints, and bends in it if is made with low quality paper. High quality card stock avoids many of these issues, to the business card will continue to impress even after it has been handled.
  • Know Where it Is – Organization is key when it comes to business cards. This is why organizing your wallet is so important. Clear out what you don’t need and make sure you know where everything is. Give your business cards a spot in your wallet that is easy to access so that you’re not fumbling around for your card when you’re ready to take it out. 

You should also remember to check your cards often and make sure that they are in good condition, that you have enough of them, and that all the contact info is accurate. 

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Handing Over the Card

We’re a wallet company, so our focus is on how to make sure that you’re giving the best impression with the cards that you carry on your person. But we do know a few things about business as well. Here are a few additional business cart etiquette tips to keep in mind:

  • Always ask before you hand out your card. No one wants to take a card from a stranger, or without at least knowing a card is coming.
  • Hand it out confidently and face up. You are not doing anything illegal, and this shows that you’re confident and that your card is worth taking.
  • Ask for theirs. They may not have one, and that’s okay, but it is good etiquette to show them that this is not a one sided interaction.
  • Smile when you receive their card. Sometimes people are nervous handing it over. Taking it confidently, giving the person a smile, and putting it in your wallet shows that you care.

Experienced business card hander-outers already know how to deliver and receive business cards with confidence. But for those that are trying to network for the first time should practice this a bit, especially since all it takes is one strategically and confidently timed business card to completely change a person’s life.

If you also want a wallet that looks amazing, takes up very little room in your pocket, and fits all of your cards, order your premium wallet from Allett. 

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