How To Gift The Right Wallet For Your Loved One

By Veronica Eisner

Updated December 12, 2023 @ 06:35PM

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It’s the holiday season, and you’re being tasked with finding a gift for a loved one that they are going to love and appreciate. Every year you’re faced with this task, and after a while it can be really challenging to figure out a good gift – something that the person is going to want, use, and remember. 

Wallets, as we’ve discussed in the past, are one of the best gifts you can buy for a friend or family member. Because of the way they’re used and because most people will not buy one for themselves, those that receive a nice, high quality wallet will often love it, thus making it an *amazing* gift.

But while we believe that wallets make a great gift, it’s true that the type of wallet matters. You can’t just buy any wallet *you* like when you’re trying to gift a wallet for a loved one. You have to figure out what *they* like, and try to choose a wallet based on their desires, uses, and needs.

Allett Original Wallet with CardsWallet Features to Avoid 


Before choosing a wallet for a loved one, we first have to describe what makes a universally bad wallet. No matter the person’s personality, there are some factors that some wallets have that are not ideal for gifting. Examples include:

  • Unnecessary Thickness – Wallets do not necessarily have to be truly “minimalist” but wallets that are thick for no apparent reason end up taking more space in the pocket without any additional benefits.
  • Cheap – You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a so called “designer wallet,” and we would argue that you shouldn’t, as those wallets are typically not very functional outside of purses. But they shouldn’t be cheap, either, because a cheap wallet will quickly fall apart in the pocket. Wallets take a lot of abuse.
  • Visually Unappealing – Finally, while wallet aesthetics are generally fairly subjective, there are wallets that are fairly universally unattractive to any gender and age. You wouldn’t buy an adult a wallet with a Disney character on it covered in flimsy plastic, for example.

Any good wallet is going to have a hint of minimalism, because we do not want oversized wallets that do not adequately utilize space. They also should be something that will withstand considerable abuse, be carried in the front pocket, and look sleek and attractive.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wallet Gift

The person you’re gifting for is a loved one, so presumably you have some idea of what they currently use as a wallet or how they manage their money, cards, etc. With that knowledge in mind, consider the following questions: 

Try to get a general idea of what they carry and how much they tend to keep on them at all times. Are they the types of people that carry only a few cards, or are they usually loaded with gift cards, store cards, cash, business cards, and other items? This will help you determine if you need a wallet with more pockets, or one that keeps only a select few.

In addition to this, you should also consider if they like to travel. Travel wallets tend to be larger in size, especially if they need room for a passport. 

Try to think about their personality and get an idea of what type of wallet would be more functional and attractive for their needs. Those that carry themselves fairly professionally, and spend time in the city going to nice restaurants are likely to prefer a thin leather wallet that has the air of sophistication. Those that are avid bikers, or hikers, or spend a lot of time outdoors may prefer a nylon wallet that is more breathable and moves with them. 

Similarly, think about their profession. A person that hands out business cards at fancy meetings is very likely to want a leather wallet, especially a Nappa leather wallet of high quality, to make a better first impression. Someone that is a mechanic that crawls under cars and handles oils and chemicals all day may benefit from a nylon wallet, which is much easier to clean and a better fit for “dirty jobs.”

  • How Bold Are They?

Some people prefer the basics – colors like black, grey, and brown. Others like a little pop and character. Take a look at this ultra thin blue leather wallet, for example. It’s leather, which many men appreciate, but it has a blue tone with a vibrant green exterior – great for those that want a little bit of uniqueness and personality. But a person that prefers something a little less vibrant? This black leather wallet still looks sleek to the eye but won’t stand out in terms of color. 

Trust Your Instinct

Those are the questions you need to ask as you consider what wallet will make the best gift for your loved one. But you should also trust your gut. If a wallet catches your eye that really feels like it will fit the character of the person you’re buying the gift for, it may be a wallet that you should consider as a present for a person you care about in your life. After all, the gift has to come from you and your heart. If something feels right for the person receiving the gift, chances are it is the right choice.

If you’re looking for a wallet to get as a gift for someone in your life, take a look at our inventory to find the wallet that fits their personality. 

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