How to Make Your Wallet Gift More Personal

By Veronica Eisner

Updated November 18, 2023 @ 08:17PM

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Wallets make amazing gifts. This is not a controversial statement, or one coming from our bias as a luxury wallet maker. When you think about what makes a great gift, you want it to be something that:

  • Has genuine use, and a person is likely to use every day.
  • Will frequently be remembered as a gift from you.
  • Likely to last a long time, and not end up in the trash.
  • Feels like it is a gift with value.
  • May not be an item that a person will willingly buy for themselves.

If you’ve ever been gifted a nice wallet before, you know how special it can be. We often hear stories where a person received a wallet, didn’t necessarily think much of it, and then years later thanked the person that bought it for them as they realized how much they loved it and used it.

Wallets make incredible gifts. But there is one small issue that stands in the way. As amazing as wallets are as gifts, they don’t always feel “personal.” That “wow!” factor is not always there, even with a high end designer wallet like the ones we have at Allett. That’s because wallets are, by their very nature, simple and minimalist. Minimalist wallets make the best wallets, but their simplicity can also make them feel a bit less personal.

Luckily, that’s also something that you can change. In fact, with the right approach, you can make your wallet immensely personal and turn an amazing wallet into a near-lifelong treasure.

How to Make a Wallet into an Amazing Gift


Wallets make great gifts on their own, but with the right gifting strategies, you can make your wallet even better – a gift that is immensely personal and meaningful. Examples of how to do this include:

  • Hidden Love Note – Wallets are a form of storage. They are the perfect place to hide a beautiful love letter or cute note for your partner or friend. Finding the note – which can be placed in the cash pocket or hidden in a card holder – make the discovery of the note more exciting and the words in the note more meaningful. 
  • Add a Small Photo – It wasn’t long ago when people would take and hand out business card sized photos of themselves that they took with a retail photographer. We don’t do that as often as we used to, but you can take a photo of yourself or find a photo of you and your partner/friend and create a hard copy print that fits in a card holder, as a reminder of you.
  • The Gift of Cash (or Card) – Of course, ask any young person what they want in a wallet and their answer will be “money.” You can buy a gift card to a person’s favorite place to show them you care, or just give them a meaningful amount of cash to allow them to spend it on items that they want for additional memories linked to that wallet.
  • Put a Pen in It – Our wallets at Allett come equipped with small pockets for people to place micropens – small pens that specifically fit in the pocket of the wallet. That added feature turns a functional wallet into something that is also “cool,” and adds a bit of that wow factor that you may worry is missing from the wallet as a gift.

These options and ideas can turn a wallet into an even better, even more personal gift that the person on the receiving end is certain to love. 

Allett Nylon Wallet with Note that says I Love You

Wallets Already Make Great Gifts

This desire to make a wallet more personal and more special comes from self-doubt about the idea of gifting a wallet. It’s not uncommon to buy a wallet as a gift, but worry that it just doesn’t have the “it” factor that the person will appreciate. 

They will. Wallets are some of the best gifts that a person can buy, provided they buy a wallet that is of high quality and will withstand the tests of time. But for those that are worried, and want to do something a bit more, the above list represents some of the many options that can enhance the quality of the gift and ensure that the recipient loves it. 

Come see our high end designer minimalist wallets for yourself here at Allett. 

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