Lightweight Bike Touring in Czech Republic

By Bridget Muscat

Updated October 25, 2018 @ 11:37AM

In This Article

Having setup my gear, I realized at some point that I never updated the most valuable gear I always carry with me – my wallet!
So the research began until I found the worlds thinnest wallet: allett and mule.
In order to compare and get a good comparison on the various designs I chose the Nylon Small Coin, Leather Sport and the Tuck. Being the thinnest wallets, I was even astonished by the functionalities of the wallets, fulfilling all my requirements.

Taking the wallets on my adventures  – hiking in the Black Forest, bike trip crossing Czech Republic…. (see below for a complete review).
Being outdoors feels real, if you can just go outside, as lightweight as possible. That’s my spirit. I’m happy not needing to take much on my trips – hiking with minimal equipment. What I need on a day trip in the woods?


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