Sunny Days, Fishing the Blues Away

By Bridget Muscat

Updated November 30, 2018 @ 11:08AM

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July is probably one of the nicest months to experience a truly beautiful summer day in San Diego. You’re past the June gloom, and it’s not yet hot enough for the August broil. If you live in or are from So Cal you know exactly what I mean. Days are chock full of rays of vitamin D and a salty breeze. Being from San Diego, it’s easy to see why this city is such a destination. It breathes good vibes, sunny days, carefree lifestyles and of course, endless adventures. That being said, we believe it’s the perfect time to spend outside exploring and experiencing new activities with a loved one.

We took a half day boat ride off the coast of the Pacific to try and snag some fishy eats, and you’d be surprised at how simple and fun it can be. After a quick 15 minute pay and register, we acquired our one day fishing license, a set of poles, and were headed down the dock to board. The boat fit a comfortable 35+ people, with plenty of storage, standing room, bathrooms and even a mini restaurant below deck — a one-man show, with great service and tasty beverages! 10 minutes later we’re off, cruising out of the bay.

California Fishing License

Fishing can sometimes be a difficult and time consuming process, having to load gear, store bait, rig-up, etc. And even if you’re a beginner, the experience can be a lot to take in. The crew at Seaforth in Mission Bay are exceptional for providing the knowhow and assistance for fishers of any level to not have to bear those burdens. They do a great job at explaining how to get the most out of your ocean fishing experience, but also leaving enough room for you to figure it on your own. It’s a perfect experience to take the kids out, go on a date, or even bring your grandparents.

With hands fishy and scaly from bait, our tans nice and ripe, and a couple beers deep, we were ecstatic about the opportunity to be on the water, enjoying the day off the coast. Despite being on a fishing trip, there was so much more we were able to experience just by being out there. In San Diego, you can pretty much always accomplish multiple things when expecting or planning only one. On the boat ride out, we saw an entire pod of dolphins cruising right next to our boat and a baby humpback swimming a ways off. So if you need to convince your significant other to jump on a fishing boat with you, there’s a little piece of info you can send their way for some enticement. You’re welcome. And don’t forget your camera, something awesome is bound to happen and you’ll be wishing you had it.

As the trip wound down, burlaps squirming with some Calico, Bonito and Yellowtail, and exhaustion setting in, the cool afternoon breeze off the boat never felt so good. One of the beauties of jumping on a boat is being able to see the amazing coastline that San Diego has to offer. The iconic hotels and houses, Coronado island, La Jolla cove, and downtown, just to name a few. It’s no wonder SD is such a destination zone, and the perfect place to find your everyday adventure.

So for July, we encourage you to grab a friend, family member, or even your favorite bartender and enjoy the fine offerings our beautiful city, ocean, and local businesses have to offer. Try something new, go somewhere different, and make the most of your summer days.

Fish tacos anyone?

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