The Best Wallet for a Lot of Credit Cards: A Guide

We all know how easy it can be to get carried away with a whole host of cards -- from credit cards right through to a myriad of coffee shop loyalty cards hanging around in our cars, purses, wallets, and shoved in drawers!

According to research by the 2019 Experian Consumer Credit Review, the average American has 4 credit cards and Americans have racked up over $830 billion dollars in credit card debt, so it stands to reason there are plenty of us out there with a serious stash of credit cards!

This doesn’t take into account a raft of other kinds of cards you may have lurking around such business cards you may have picked up at work meetings, gym membership cards, and others!

Rather than keeping them in a hot mess, casually dropped around your home, office, or car, what’s the best wallet for a lot of credit cards, where you can store all the cards you need safely and securely? Also, what is the best wallet for a lot of cards?


Let’s take a look at the short answer and find out.

Many wallets, particularly older wallets, were not designed to cater to an abundance of cards. Slim wallets on the other hand, were designed to carry around your essential credit cards, store cards, loyalty cards, or other cards. This wallet was specifically designed to hold 20 or more cards in a secure, slim, and convenient place.

So to answer the question for the best safe and secure wallet for a lot of cards, would be something like our elegant well crafted, super slim Allett wallet, tailored to hold as many cards as you need, without the unnecessary bulk.

Now we’ve seen briefly which is the best quality, stylish, and super slim wallet you can buy to solve all your excess card requirements. In order to better understand why we are now in an age when plastic in our wallets is becoming more and more common, let’s take a look at why consumers are inundated with so many credit cards. 

Man comparing the slim profile of the Allett Leather Original Wallet compared to a generic leather bifold wallet 

“The best quality, stylish and super slim wallet you can buy to solve all your excess card requirements”


Why do we have so many credit cards, where did it all start?

Back in 1959, When New York businessman Frank McNamara started Diners Club, he was completely unaware of how his idea would take off.

Although the inception of the credit card had already been around as a fledgling concept, McNamara’s idea was a huge improvement on those cards which already existed. The only drawback to this was the fact that The Diners Club and other cards were only accepted at restaurants, travel, and entertainment businesses.

It didn’t take long for other big businesses to catch on to the idea of using cards in place of cash during 1958. As a result, a flurry of other credit cards launched in 1958 including The Bank of America.

This new BankAmericard was accepted by several different kinds of sellers. Initially only limited to the California area at first, it did also allow some customers to revolve balances, which was a completely new concept at the time.

They launched the Bank of America card with an unforgettable and also hugely expensive publicity stunt by mailing 60,000 BankAmericards to its existing customer base in Fresno, California.

As the decades passed, the BankAmericard system became the well known Visa card. This heralded the golden age of the credit cards as banks saw how they could become a prime source of huge bank profits.

Today, according to experts, 80% of U.S. households own multiple cards, and they account for just under $1 trillion of consumer debt.

So now we’ve seen why you may be carrying around a multitude of plastic credit cards in an overstuffed wallet. Let’s take a look below at the other kinds of cards you may be loaded down with and see why you really need to make sure to have a super slim, beautifully made, craftsman created leather wallet.

skilled worker putting final touches on assembly of Burgundy wallet

“Make sure you have a super slim, beautifully made, craftsman created leather wallet”


Business cards

When we look at the importance of business cards and why so many carry them, it’s easy to see why you would need a beautifully crafted, slim leather wallet as the best kind of wallet to hold your stack of cards! Let’s also not forget about first impressions.

The printed business card still dominates. In any instance, whether at a networking event or at a coffee shop, the opportunity for a business connection may occur.

Not having a business card on-hand could result in a lost potential client. Exchanging business cards gives the ability to follow up, providing a foot in the door for a business transaction. It also allows a personal encounter between two parties, a crucial element of creating a business connection.

 Man holding an Allett Nylon Original Wallet open showing many credit cards and the Allett custom Micro Pen

 “It’s easy to see why you would need a beautifully crafted, slim leather wallet as the best kind of wallet to hold a lot of cards!” 


Store and loyalty cards

We all know how easy it is to get persuaded by the patter of a sales clerk at our local department store, coffee shop, ladies’ clothing store, and many others!

One minute we are ready to make the purchase and the next we are persuaded to take out a store card so we can make a saving here and there, or in the case of loyalty cards, it sets our brain to ‘must visit this store again!’ for your free cup of java.

On a standard shopping mall trip, it’s easy to rack up a serious amount of store and loyalty cards if you are a little more distracted than usual, or if you are more likely to be swayed by their bright lights and promises!

So for those of you with bulging store and loyalty cards popping out of your evermore bulging wallet, maybe it’s time to address it. Sort through them and abandon the ones you know for sure you won’t ever use again!

Once you have done that one small task, it will be a job well done!

“On a standard shopping mall trip, it’s easy to rack up a serious amount of store and loyalty cards if you are a little more distracted than usual.”

 So now we’ve looked at some of the situations you might find yourself with an overflowing wallet full of cards of all shapes, sizes, and varieties, now let’s take a look at the top contender for the best wallet to have in order to keep your cards well organized and most importantly, safe and secure.


Allett slim wallets

As perfectly put by the New York Times, "Impossibly thin but also able to hold everything”, Allett Wallets are your go-to slim wallets.

Our beautifully crafted buttery soft leather slim men’s wallets are built for not only minimalist style but also practical for holding all your cards of every variety.

A Californian family company since 1995 in San Diego. Every one of our super-slim wallets is made in-house by craftsmen.

Durable minimalist wallets that are made to last, from our men’s slim leather wallets, right through to ultra-slim nylon wallets. They also come complete with RIFD blocking technology for safety and security.

Woman pulling cash out of a fully packed Allett Leather Original Wallet

“As perfectly put by the New York Times, Impossibly thin but also able to hold everything’. Allett Wallets are your go-to slim wallets.”


And finally...

So remember, when it comes to filling your wallet to the brim with cards of all kinds of varieties, less is certainly more!

You may most likely be carrying around far more credit cards, store, gym, business and other cards than you really need. So have a super quick purge of those you don’t use and have a beautiful new hand made slim Allett wallet to add the most important ones in and say goodbye to a bulging wallet.

See for yourself how Allett's slim wallets are Made for More. Check out our entire collection of slim wallets for Men and Women.

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