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By Bridget Muscat

Updated May 13, 2021 @ 02:04PM

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Soft, breathable TENCEL® MicroModal is made of beech tree pulp sourced from renewable forests. 

Why TENCEL® MicroModal?

We set out to make a Neck Gaiter that would rival the best.  Our aim was to create a Neck Gaiter that was softer on your face and neck, would wick away moisture and be extremely sustainable. In our effort to create the best Neck Gaiter, we found TENCEL® MicroModal, a fabric that knocks the socks off your typical "sustainable" fabric. 

Beech trees can be cultivated with little impact on the environment and MicroModal is a versatile fabric that has a multitude of benefits. Lenzing is globally certified as the most environmentally friendly producer of modal fabrics and provides  transparency in its farming and production processes. TENCEL® MicroModal fiber is carbon-neutral, consumes ten to twenty times less water than cotton and requires less land. 
Lenzing’s TENCEL® MicroModal fiber is harvested from sustainably managed beech tree plantations. Beech trees multiply by rejuvenation meaning the trees propagate naturally.
Using environmental technologies for the production of their modal, these processes conserve and reuse resources while minimizing emissions.
MicroModal fibers are thinner than traditional Modal fibers, the thinner MicroModal fibers are more tightly woven which creates a soft texture similar to silk with qualities that make it perfect for sportswear.   

Modal Fabric Benefits

A Step Closer

We’ve combined our commitment to sourcing environmentally superior materials with our effort to manufacture locally.
Lenzing, an Austrian company, produces the cellulose based fibers used to weave MicroModal fabric. The MicroModal fiber is woven, dyed and cut locally in Los Angeles, California. MicroModal is better for the environment and feels like butter on your skin. These amazing qualities come with a hefty price tag. In order to deliver a superior product that is also price competitive, our Beechwood Neck Gaiters are sewn in Tijuana, Mexico, just a quick 30 minutes from our headquarters in San Diego, California. Our commitment to providing jobs locally and being good mother-earth, come together in the sourcing and production of materials used to create our Beechwood Neck Gaiters.

Fabric production


MicroModal has many beneficial qualities that make it a perfect fit for use in Neck Gaiters. Great for sports clothing and everyday use, MicroModal is extremely breathable because of the fabric’s lightweight weave.
It’s considered a “high wet modulus rayon,” which means it holds its shape and becomes stronger when wet.  Derived of cellulose fibers, these fibers extract water and sweat from the skin and wick moisture for quicker evaporation through the fabric. 
MicroModal has an incredibly smooth finish that doesn’t pill so it’s comfortable to wear on sensitive areas like the face. The flexibility of this specialized fabric lends itself to movement during sporting activities. The durable fabric provides 4-way stretch.
Caring for MicroModal is easy. It doesn’t shrink, fade or wrinkle. Wash it in cold water and dry on low to medium heat.

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