What Luxury Wallet is Best for College Kids?

By Veronica Eisner

Updated April 29, 2024 @ 11:06AM

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When we think of luxury brands, we do not typically think of college students. We associate college students with ramen, sleeping in a room with 3 other people, thrift stores, and other budget decision making. We associate luxury brands with wealth, affluence, and those that want to project that to others.

College kids need a nice wallet. They need a nice wallet because they’re adults, because they need to have something they can be proud of, and because they’re going to be using their wallet a lot more now that they’re on their own. Wallets also make a great gift.

But your college student probably doesn’t need a *luxury brand* wallet. Luxury wallet, yes, but luxury brand? Most of those wallets:

  • Don’t fit the clothing and style of the college student.
  • Are larger, bulky, and not made to be on the go.
  • Too costly to lose, and in the hands of someone potentially not used to caring for their wallet.

It’s also important to understand that luxury brands are not necessarily luxury wallets. Many of the world’s most highly regarded brands make wallets designed to show off the brand, but are not actually thin, comfortable, minimalist, and sleek the way a true wallet is meant to be. They’re a style choice, not a functional accessory.

Man putting an Allett Wallet in bag

So What Kind of Luxury Wallet Should College Students Have?

College students should still have a luxury wallet. But they should also have a wallet they can:

  • Use every day.
  • Hold and use without worrying about hurting its value.
  • Fit with any outfit they decide to wear.
  • Look great in photos (more on that in a moment)

They should have a wallet that doesn’t look like they’re trying to show off wealth, especially in college, but still feel like they can show off and feel confident with. 

Keep in mind that many cheaper wallets *and* designer brand wallets are also bulky. College students, as you are aware, take a lot of photos. If the wallet is bulky, it will show up as a bulge in that photo. A thin and minimalist luxury wallet helps to address this. 

College students that are gifted a luxury wallet are going to associate that wallet with their college experience, and potentially continue to use the wallet in the months and years to come because, unlike cheaper wallets, it will remain intact. But they can also do so without the associations that come with luxury brands, giving them both a higher quality wallet and one that is better for their needs.

Why Choose Allett for Your College Students?

Allett is a luxury designer wallet manufacturer. But our focus is on creating truly high quality wallets, rather than becoming known solely for the brand. We make wallets that are handcrafted to the highest standards and ultra thin while still capable of holding numerous cards. 

It is these wallets that make fantastic gifts for college students. Slim and stylish, we also have wallets that showcase a person’s personality. One of our favorites and most popular is our midnight blue leather hybrid wallet, which is a beautiful blue shade of ultra thin Nappa leather with a vibrant green nylon interior. It’s great for students that like a bit of color and personality.

But we have numerous wallets in both leather and nylon that are small and perfect for college students. Look for ID wallets, hybrid card wallets, and sport wallets in particular, as college students may not need the number of card pockets that come with products like our Original style wallet.

Our wallets are high end, high quality, and meet the needs of college students. Explore our entire selection today and find the perfect wallet for your college kid.


Products mentioned in this article

The Original

4-24 cards, bills, receipts


ID Wallet

4-12 cards, bills, micro pen


Sport Wallet

2-10 cards, bills, micro pen


Hybrid Card Wallet

3-10 cards, folded bills, micro pen


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