What Makes a Sport Wallet a Sport Wallet?

By Veronica Eisner

Updated May 28, 2024 @ 01:27PM

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Sometimes, to the outside world, an accessory is just an accessory. A belt is just a belt. A hat is just a hat. A bracelet is just a bracelet. But if you actually explore these items in a different way, you’ll quickly find that there are substantial differences. A baseball cap is not a sombrero. A black leather belt is not a stretch fabric belt, etc.

The wallet world is the same way. Wallets may seem like “just wallets,” but within the world of wallets there are countless sizes, styles, and options. It helps to understand these styles in order to determine if the wallet you’re choosing is right for you.

Introduction to Sport Wallets – a Wallet for Many, But Not For All

One wallet style you may want to consider is a sport wallet. Sport wallets are easily one of our most popular wallet styles here at Allett, and also related to what we are known for: designer wallets that are made to move.

The Sport Wallet from Allett

But what makes it a sports wallet?

  • Ultra Minimalist with a Front Pocket Fit – You’re not going to go for a run with your wallet in your back pocket. You definitely can’t bike with a huge wallet bulging from your pants. For a wallet to be a sport wallet, it needs to be ultra minimalist and ultra thin – barely taking up space in the pocket and small enough to fit in your front pocket for most sports-related activities. 
  • Durable – On any average day, our wallets experience very little stress. But that is not true when you’re an outdoor enthusiast. When you’re hiking, biking, running, etc., your wallet experiences considerable friction, movement, sweat, and moisture. You need your wallet to be durable, capable of withstanding the stresses that you’ll put onto it. 
  • Room for What We Need – Some people leave their wallets at home when they are engaging in sports because their wallets are so big they become incapable of moving with them. In an ideal world, you still need room in your sports wallet so that your wallet can act as… well… a wallet. Our sports wallets have space for up to 10 cards and cash, despite being small and ultra minimalist. 
  • Breathable – When you’re exercising or outdoors, you’re going to be sweating. Wallets that are not breathable are going to make that sweating more unbearable. Our ripstop nylon sports wallets are incredibly breathable, with air seemingly passing straight through. But what you may be surprised to learn is that our leather sports wallets are also breathable, using super thin nappa leather.
  • Soft – Similarly, if your wallet is too rough, it could cause chafing the more you move. Sports wallets need to have a softer touch, so that you can exercise with them and not feel friction or pressure on your skin.

Sport wallets do not need any extra features, like an ID window, or too many pockets. It should not be large vertically or horizontally. It needs to be as small as possible so that you can wear it in even the thinnest of shorts and still feel like you’re not carrying too much with you.

Who is a Sport Wallet Not Right For?

Sport wallets are surprisingly versatile. There is an argument to be made that they are the ideal wallet for many people, even those that are not athletes, because they take up so little room in the pocket and have a minimalist, sleek look that many people appreciate.

Still, they’re not right for everyone. You may not need a sports wallet if you:

  • Show your ID often (most do not have ID windows).
  • Need to carry a lot more cards or business cards.
  • Prefer to keep your cards more organized in different pockets.

Many people prefer the look of hybrid wallets or our Original Wallet, which are still made with materials that work as sports wallets but tend to be slightly larger, which may not be ideal for bikers or those that need excessive movement.

Order a Sports Wallet Today from Allett

Allett designs wallets that are meant to move, and our sports wallets are part of that commitment. These are designer wallets, but they’re also not meant only for sure. We create functional, high quality sports wallets that are here to meet your needs now and in the future. If you’re looking for a sports wallet for yourself or as a gift, check out our entire selection of wallets, today. 

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