What Makes the Best Minimalist Wallet?

By Veronica Eisner

Updated July 06, 2023 @ 08:18AM

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Designer wallets come in many different shapes and styles. These brand name wallets are a fashion statement far more than they are a wallet. But, when it comes to the duties of the wallet, many of them are largely impractical – even in the fashion world. After all, there is nothing fashionable about a large bulge in your front pocket, or a wallet that requires you to bring a very large purse.

That is why many people specifically ignore most of the wallets for sale and instead choose designer minimalist wallets. Minimalist wallets are wallets that take up as little space as possible in the pocket. They have no added fabric, and no unnecessarily material. Yet they are so much more than a money clip. They have function – capable of holding ALL of the items you need, despite their smaller size and shape.Allett Sport Leather Wallet

Features of a High Quality Minimalist Wallet

Many wallet designers claim that their wallets are minimalist. Some are. But being minimalist is often not enough. You’re looking for something specific – a wallet that checks all the boxes. Here are the features that make a true “best minimalist wallet.”

  • Front Pocket Ready – Doctors everywhere strongly recommend against keeping your wallet in your back pocket. Wallets in your back pocket can push your spine out of alignment and put pressure on your sciatic nerve, a condition so common and problematic that it has an official name: Fat Wallet Syndrome. However, keeping a large wallet in your front pocket creates an unsightly bulge in men and may not even fit women’s pants. The first test is whether or not the wallet fits in your front pocket with minimal bulge.
  • Malleable and Mobile – In addition to its size, the best minimalist wallets have to be able to move with you. Something can be small, but still so stiff that it doesn’t function the way a minimalist wallet should. Whether it’s a thin, soft leather or another material, like nylon, it has to be mobile in the pocket so that it feels soft and comfortable at all times.
  • Room for Your Cards and Cash – There is a difference between “minimalist” and “minimalist wallet.” A card clip is minimalist, but it is not a wallet. You cannot organize with it or keep all your cards and cash. Minimalist wallets are carefully constructed to still hold as many as 4, 8, or even 12+ cards, along with cash and even a pen, without taking up extra space in your pocket.
  • Safety Features – The “less” a wallet has, the more a person might be at risk for issues like dropping cards and cash. It’s one of the reasons that we made our minimalist wallets at Allett with a no-slip grip, so that your cards do not fall out of the wallet when you’re handling it.

These four features are required to make a high quality minimalist wallet. But they’re still not enough. Any minimalist wallet still has to have all the same features of their larger counterparts. For example:

  • RFID Blocking Technology – RFID scanners do not care about the size of your wallet, and so it is critical that your wallet still have the RFID blocking technology.
  • Long Lasting Leather/Nylon – No wallet can call itself the “best” if it will fall apart or be damaged in a few years. It’s why we use Napa leather and ripstop nylon – each one 10 to 20+ year rated and expected to last you for decades.
  • Beautiful Design – Minimalist also has to be stylish. It is not enough to create a wallet that people are embarrassed to hold. These are meant to be designer minimalist wallets, considered to be upper tier and elite within the wallet world.

Allett Wallet Potters Clay

Minimalism is the idea that you have as little as you need, with no extra bells and whistles. It is also a style – one where every minimalist item looks sleek, with clean lines and beautiful architecture. 

At the heart of our Allett Wallets was this idea that minimalist wallets are not just a style – they’re a required accessory. We made our wallets in such a way that every single person needs and can use these wallets because of their versatility, structure, and benefits. Check out our designer minimalist wallets for yourself, or order yours today. 

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