Will Your Leather Wallet Ruin Your Credit Cards?

By Eugene Kim

Updated October 21, 2021 @ 03:41PM

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Leather is considered the best material for wallets. It was the first ever wallet material hundreds of years ago, and remains the most popular wallet material today.

Yes, even after all these years, there are many commonly asked questions about leather wallets. One question that we see regularly is whether or not their leather wallet will ruin your credit cards or cause your credit cards to stop working.

So, Can Leather Ruin Your Credit Cards?

Leather itself has no effect on credit cards. Leather as a material is not magnetic, nor does it create enough friction to damage the strip of the card.

So, why are your credit cards getting damaged?

There can be many reasons why your credit cards have stopped working, but they’re typically not related to the wallet material. Rather, they’re related to how you use your wallet. For example:

  • Storing cards back-to-back – Credit cards are slightly magnetized. If you store them next to each other, the magnetization of each card can damage the other cards they’re stored with.
  • Storing cards with other items – Many of us put items in our wallets that are not cards. These items can scratch the credit card or, if the item is magnetized, demagnetize the strip on your card, causing them to stop working.
  • Storing your wallet near a magnet – Although rare, it is possible to place your wallet near an item that is magnetized in some form. It requires a pretty powerful magnet to demagnetize your credit card, but some flashlights and magnetic clasps on accessories can do the trick (and yes, your phone is perfectly safe to store next to your cards).

In addition, it’s possible for your card to be demagnetized in other settings outside of your wallet. For example, if your credit card falls on or near a demagnetization strip, such as those used in clothing and grocery stores to deactivate security sensors, you could very well drop it back into your wallet without realizing that the card has even been damaged.

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Leather is a Safe, Harmless Wallet Material

It is theoretically possible to purchase a leather wallet that is poorly made, or one that introduces more friction or magnetism than your credit cards can handle. For example, we recommend you avoid wallets with magnetic clasps that keep them shut. Luckily, our wallets are no frills and are perfectly safe for your arsenal of plastics.

But leather itself is a harmless material that cannot damage your cards. If you have found that your cards have been damaged or demagnetized in the past, you can avoid this in the future by:

  • Only storing credit cards in the proper credit card slots.
  • Storing fewer or only one credit card in each slot at a time.
  • Buying a high-capacity wallet with enough storage to comfortably hold all the cards you need for day-to-day use.
  • Avoiding magnets and magnetic items, including money clips and wallets with magnetic clasps.
  • Only putting items in your wallet that are meant for your wallet.

If you need a high-quality leather wallet that won’t break the bank or your credit cards, check out our collection of Nappa leather wallets, now available in new colors and styles.

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