Thousands Of Masks

We are hard at work manufacturing non-medical grade masks to be donated throughout our community, to hospitals, first responders and retirement homes. With your help, we’re donating over 55,000 masks and another 55,000 masks are being delivered to our customers and their loved ones, many of whom are working on the front lines of COVID19.

We are living in unprecedented times. Protective equipment is in short supply, and while we cannot manufacture medical-grade masks, we are producing non-medical masks for our local community. The objective of this program is to provide essential equipment for those on the front lines of this pandemic.

You can help too - when you buy a 2-pack of masks, we donate 2 masks. Purchasing our masks means every dollar you spend on protection from COVID19 comes back two-fold. And you decide where the donation goes: health care workers, first responders or retirement homes.

The safety of our staff has always been a top priority and we are using every precaution during production and distribution of masks. We are following strict guidelines for maintaining a sanitary work space and social distance among work stations.

As COVID-19 spreads throughout the globe, we have tripled the size of our team and are working overtime. Although we are committed to manufacturing our traditional Allett products locally, in order to keep up with the critical demand of masks, we are producing additional supply in Los Angeles, San Diego and just over the border in Tijuana, Mexico to supplement our factory’s output. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we want to acknowledge the situation and communicate directly with our customers.

From our family to yours, THANK YOU. We’ve really achieved something incredible together.