5 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Carry A Slim Wallet

By Veronica Eisner

Updated August 28, 2018 @ 05:05PM

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Slim wallets aren’t for everyone. Weird for us to say right? Based on our 21 years of experience in the business, we’ve figured out the top reasons people are out there trying to make the change from a big bulky wallet to a slim one. But for those who aren’t, here are the top 5 reasons why you SHOULDN’T carry a slim wallet:

1. You like to be weighed down in life.

Allett Urban Biker

Slim wallets are meant to lighten your load, minimize your clutter and streamline your everyday carry. There are too many things we end up leaving the house with, and extra bulk in your back pocket shouldn’t be one of them. Especially when we embark on our outdoor adventures, the less weight in your pack the better. So if you like the unnecessary weight, chaos and clutter following you around, don’t get a slim wallet.


2. You want your butt to look like it has a giant lump in it.

Allett Thin Wallets

Not only do giant wallets stretch out your pockets and ruin your pants, they make that beautiful rear of yours look lopsided. No one wants that. Slim wallets make it look like you virtually don’t have anything existing in your back pocket; and it feels like it too! With the Allett Slim Original wallet, you can even sit on your wallet and have it contour to your butt.


3. You enjoy hoarding receipts that you’ll never use and end up just throwing away when they fade.


Not only a waste of resources, but a waste of space. We’ve all done it, we’re all guilty. Slim wallets will help change that stockpiling lifestyle and essentially force you to not keep those unwanted receipts in your carry. There’s no need for them to stay in there for months! Purge, stay slim, and streamline your financial burdens with a slim wallet.


4. You want to develop sciatica when you’re older and have back problems.

Allett Sciatica Nerve Damage Due to Wallet in Pocket

We can’t think of even one person who would actually want this, so it should be a no-brainer. DISCLAIMER: Sitting on a big wallet will give you sciatica. The reason Allett started was because of that in particular: to prevent sciatica. But we’re here to help. By spreading awareness of the issues fat wallets cause, we can all conquer the world’s sciatica problems together.


5. You like to carry every card you’ve ever owned in life.

Allett Slim Wallet vs Bulky Wallet

Admit it: you’re that person that has 7 different credit cards, every gift card from the holidays, your middle school, high school and college IDs, your rewards cards, health insurance, AAA, a stack of business cards from people you met 3 years ago, etc. etc. You might as well carry a brick with you everywhere you go. A slim wallet will keep the cards to a minimum, and only the essentials. Even though our Originals hold up to 24 cards, we’ve designed them to stay slim so you can carry more than usual. But believe us, once you buy a slim wallet, you’ll end up purging those old cards anyways. It’s a win win.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there’s no reason you shouldn’t carry a slim wallet. They’re small, efficient, comfy, and help keep you and your life organized, especially if you’re trying to live that minimalist lifestyle.

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