Best Wallets and Wallet Features for Cycling and Biking Enthusiasts

By Bridget Muscat

Updated March 29, 2023 @ 10:59PM

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Biking is a great way to travel, offers outstanding exercise, and uses essentially zero emissions. Some people bike casually on open trails. Other people bike to work. Still other people are competitive bicyclists that speed down the road and race with or against the competition.

Biking is amazing. But because it is unlike other forms of transportation, there are specific needs that will have to be addressed. For example, you wear a helmet in order to bike safely. You wear thin and tight clothes so that the wind can whip around you rather than be pulled back by your clothes.

You’re also going to have to worry about how you carry your money. Purses are out of the question, and large, bulky wallets can cause chafing and discomfort as your legs move up and down with each and every pedal. The following addresses some of the best wallets for cycling – and the wallet features that make these biking wallets so useful.

Allett Wallets for Cyclists

Features of a Great Biking Wallet

Both avid and casual cyclists need to be able to move freely and comfortably. Biking is a repetitive motion, an aerobic exercise, and a mode of transportation. That means that your average street clothes are not ideal for comfortable bike use.

Your wallet is no different. In order to make sure that you can bike without discomfort or minor injury, you want to make sure that you have a wallet that fits the needs of bicyclists. These include:

  • Minimalist – Large, bulky wallets are not ideal for biking. The corners will push into the leg and the thick material makes large leg movements uncomfortable. They can also cause friction burns over time. Thin, small wallets are important for bikers.
  • Bendable – Biking wallets need to be able to successfully mold around your thighs, or wherever you plan to hide your wallet. Stiff fabric, even if it is “minimalist,” will become very uncomfortable over time the longer you’re biking.
  • Breathable (Ideal) – While there are many leather wallets that are suitable for biking, a breathable wallet is ideal for athletes. You’re going to sweat when you bike, and if that sweat gathers on the wallet, it can be uncomfortable for you as a rider. Breathable fabric is always best.
  • Durability – Your wallet is going to take a beating when it’s moving back and forth in your leg, and some thin fabric made for sports can still be fairly fragile. Your wallet is going to have to be able to withstand use and abuse.
  • Still Functional – The thing about a biking wallet is that you still need it to be able to carry all the cards or cash that you require. Functionality, then, is a must, with a use of space that allows you to carry all the items you need despite it being a smaller wallet.

These are all of the features that a bicycle wallet needs to have, whether you’re a casual rider or someone that performs in competitions. Your wallet matters, and it needs to be the right fit for you.

Our Bicycle Wallets at Allett

At Allett Wallets, we’ve created several wallet styles that address these specific needs. Our wallets are used by bicyclists throughout the United States, created with rip-resistant fabric that is breathable, soft, and functional. While we have created leather wallets that use thin, full grain Nappa leather (a leather so thin that it will mold around your leg after you’ve used it), it is our nylon wallets that offer the best choice for bicyclists. The best wallets for bikers include:

  • Our Nylon Sports Wallet – Our nylon sports wallet is our premier biking wallet. It has the slimmest profile of all of our wallets, offering a completely breathable, cool, sweat resistant, and durable wallet for bikers and other athletes.
  • Our Nylon Hybrid Card Wallet – Our hybrid card wallet is a bit larger to fit more cards and cash, but still offers a minimalist style that will fit most traditional size pockets. Hybrid wallets are a great choice for those that may use their wallet all day, but travel via bike.
  • Our Nylon Card Holder – Perfect for those that want to carry very few cards with them, the nylon card holder is our smallest and best fitting wallet. It is a great wallet for emergencies, or those that need ID and a card and want to take up the least amount of space in their pockets.

Our hybrid and sports wallets also have a space for our micro-pens, so that you have both a functional sports wallet and a way to take all your tools with you on the go.

We don’t want to forget our leather wallets, however. Our leather sports wallets are less breathable than our nylon, but they are just as durable and soft. For any bicyclist that really wants an all-purpose wallet that they can use for formal and bicycling use, our leather wallets are a great choice as well.

But there is no denying that ripstop nylon wallets offer the best combination of form and function for bikers. Check out our entire selection to order yours, today.

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