Spring Cleaning: Time to Eliminate the Excess in Your Wallet

By Veronica Eisner

Updated February 07, 2023 @ 01:32PM

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At Allett, we specialize in high end minimalist wallets that can hold a lot of cards. Some of our most compact slim wallets still have plenty of space for as many as 12 cards, cash, and all those other wallet necessities.

But just because you can carry these items does not necessarily mean you should. In honor of spring cleaning, maybe now is the time to start looking for ways to reduce the number of items in your wallet – and while you’re at it perhaps improve your financial wellness too!

What Do You Need?

You can carry almost any small item, but most wallets that are a bursting at the seams usually have at least a few of the following:

Credit cards

Loyalty cards

Business cards

Membership cards

Vaccination cards

Insurance cards


Some cash

Wallet sized photos

Maybe even a Micro Pen

Let’s downsize. Receipts are the easiest items to remove. Rarely do we even need or use receipts, and if you truly need one, you can put it somewhere else in your home so that it’s easy to access. You could even consider snapping a picture of your receipts and tossing them after that.  Or consider downloading an app to track receipts.  Ditch the clutter and toss them in your recycle bin. 

Next are the loyalty cards. Many of these cards are digital now, or are easily accessed online with a phone number. It is often best to add whatever cards you can to your digital wallet, register your cards so that they’re connected directly to your phone, or store the cards that you infrequently use in your desk. In some cases, you may even be able to use a digital photo of QR code or UPC on the back of the card instead of the card itself.  Protip: Keeping your less frequently used cards in a minimalist business card holder is a great way to cut down on clutter in your wallet. 

It is also best to limit the number of business cards in your wallet. That is because, as your wallet moves in your pocket, the ink on the card can start to fade or blend. Unless you’re handing them out often, carry only one or two so that you don't have business cards in your wallet for too long. Let’s not risk an unprofessional looking professional card.

Trifold Wallet displaying layout of cash and cards and pen and interior of walletFinally – Credit Cards

Ahh, the wonderful, sleek, shiny credit card. Without giving financial advice, cleaning out your wallet of credit cards is as much a financial decision as it is a space saving one.

Look at your credit cards and say to yourself, “Does this spark joy?” Oh, wait a second, we were busy channeling our inner Marie Kondo. But the sentiment holds. To declutter your wallet, ask yourself the following questions:

Which ones do you need everyday/often?

Which can you cancel or hide so that you don’t use them?

Which can be loaded into your smartphone?

Which ones can be consolidated?

For example, have you looked into balance transfers? Some people find that they carry every credit card they have a balance on, using them interchangeably. Many credit card companies offer 0% interest balance transfers that both save money and save space, so you can consolidate your wallet and maybe see some additional financial relief*.

*Hey, this is not financial advice so go consult a financial expert before making any life changing (financial) decisions.

Spring cleaning is a great time to review not only what’s in your wallet, and what you NEED in your wallet, and possibly even give you the motivation to make some financial changes as well. If you want a thin wallet that can carry all your cards – no matter how many or how few you may carry – take a look at our entire selection of the finest Nappa leather and ripstop nylon, including some of the thinnest wallets available. Trifold wallets are less common these days, and thin trifold wallets for men are even less common. If you'd like to learn more about Trifold Wallets specifically check out our blog: Thin Trifold Wallets: Best Trifold Wallet, Benefits of Trifold Wallets, and What to Look For.

Allett has one that is popular with those that appreciate thin trifold wallets. But why would you want one? We talk about the benefits of trifold wallets, trifold vs bifold wallets, how many cards you can fit in a trifold wallet, and more.


Benefits of Thin Trifold Wallets: Trifolds have three sections that are the same size and fold into the center. Unfolded, they are typically larger than bifold wallets (though they do not have to be). But folded, they are usually the same size as bifold wallets, and can potentially be even smaller. Both wallet styles are great. But there are some men that prefer trifold wallets for several reasons:

More Cards – Typically, a trifold wallet can fit more cards. There are three sections, each one fitting multiple cards. More cards means a thicker wallet, but because it may have a slim width, it typically doesn’t take up much more room in the pocket.

More Card Organization – For those that do carry a lot of cards, trifold wallets make them easier to organize. Owners typically are not faced with putting more than one card in limited slots, and can figure out how to best arrange the cards with ease.

They’re Cool – Trifold wallets are cool. They are more interesting to the eye, and they feel very comfortable in the hand. Both bifold and trifold wallets can carry a lot of cash. But bifold wallets are usually better for carrying many bills whereas coins tend to fit better in trifold wallets. Best Trifold Wallets Slim, minimalist trifold wallets are a rare find. But that’s what we created here at Allett. Made with only the finest materials, our minimalist trifold wallets fit more cards and more cash, but do it all with no extra fabric and all in a way that perfectly fits your pocket and your lifestyle. Allett is excited to announce that we have one of the best trifold wallets on the way. This wallet is going to be one of the best trifold wallets currently available featuring a front-pocket friendly design with space for up to 12 cards, cash, receipts, and even our custom Micro Pen.

Allett Trifold wallet in nylon

We’ve also built in a secret card slot in the bill pocket and used VELCRO®'s thinner, quieter, SLEEK & THIN™ fastener to securely close the wallet. Check out our brand new Trifold Wallet, or shop our entire collection of minimalist slim wallets, all of which are designed to be thin, fit plenty of cards/cash - and look great doing it.

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Micro Pen

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Trifold Wallet

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