Thin Trifold Wallets: Best Trifold Wallet, Benefits of Trifold Wallets, and What to Look For

By Eugene Kim

Updated April 20, 2022 @ 01:58PM

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Trifold wallets are less common these days, and thin trifold wallets for men are even less common. Allett released on that we expect to be popular with those that appreciate thin trifold wallets. But why would you want one? We talk about the benefits of trifold wallets, trifold vs. bifold wallets, storage space, security, and more.

Interior details of an Allett nylon trifold wallet

Benefits of Thin Trifold Wallets

Trifold have three sections that are the same size and fold into the center. Unfolded, they are typically larger than bifold wallets (though they do not have to be). But folded, they are usually the same size as bifold wallets, and can potentially be even smaller.

Both wallet styles are great. But there are some men that prefer trifold wallets for several reasons:

  • More Storage and Organization – Typically, a trifold wallet can fit more cards. There are three sections, each one fitting multiple cards. Sure, more cards means a thicker wallet, but their slimmer in width keeps the entire package compact in your front pocket. And for those that do carry a lot of cards, trifold wallets make them easier to organize. Owners typically are not faced with putting more than one card in limited slots, and can figure out how to best arrange the cards with ease.
  • More Security – Trifold construction allows for contents to be a little more secure than your average bifold. The additional panel keeps all your content tightly packed, plus for most wallet manufacturers, it allows for a secure fastener that keeps the wallet closed, helping maintain it's shape when laying flat and keeping your cash, cards, and coins securely enclosed.
  • More Sleek (and they’re just cool) – Trifold wallets are cool. They've got a compact design and are a more trendy and sporty way to carry around your stash.


Allett nylon trifold wallet details of the VELCRO SLEEK & SLIM fastener


Best Trifold Wallets

Slim, minimalist trifold wallets are a rare find. But that’s what we created here at Allett. Made with only the finest materials, our minimalist trifold wallets fit more cards and more cash, but do it all with no extra fabric and all in a way that perfectly fits your pocket and your lifestyle.

Allett is excited to announce that we have one of the best trifold wallets on the way. This wallet is going to be one of the best trifold wallets currently available featuring a front-pocket friendly design with space for up to 12 cards, cash, receipts, coins, and even our custom Micro Pen. We’ve also built in a secret card slot in the bill pocket and used VELCRO®'s thinner, quieter, SLEEK & THIN™ fastener to securely close the wallet.

Check out our brand new Trifold Wallet, or shop our entire collection of minimalist slim wallets, all of which are designed to be thin, fit plenty of cards/cash - and look great doing it.

Allett nylon trifold wallet interior details of the hidden card sleeve

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Trifold Wallet | Nylon Edition

2-12 cards, bills, receipts, micro pen


Switchback Wallet | Leather Edition

2-12 cards, cash, receipts and coins


Coin Wallet 2.0 | Nylon Edition

4-24 cards, bills, receipts, coins, micro pen


Hybrid Card Wallet | Nylon Edition

3-10 cards, folded bills, micro pen


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