The Best Comfortable, Discreet Mini Wallet For Women

By Eugene Kim

Updated April 06, 2022 @ 12:43PM

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Allett makes wallets of many sizes. But one of the products we’re best known for is a mini wallet for women – one that can fit discreetly into the pockets of those who prefer not to carry a purse, or those who simply don’t want a large and bulky women’s wallet.

Mini Wallets for Women – Why the Right Wallet Matters

Over the past decade, there has been a big shift in the number of women pushing for pants with pockets. Many women’s pants are still pocketless (yeesh), but apparel companies are, finally, starting to make an effort to put more pockets in women’s pants and even dresses and skirts.

Still, the problem is that these pockets are still not like men’s pockets. They’re not designed to handle objects like phones and wallets:

  • They Are Shorter – Most women’s pockets are as much as 50% shorter than men’s pockets.
  • They Are Thinner – Most women’s pockets are narrower than men’s pockets.
  • They Are Tighter – Most women’s pants are designed to be tighter and more form fitting than man’s pants.

Most wallets designed to fit into a pocket will not even fit most women’s pockets, and even if they do, the wallet will be large, bulky, and prominent. It will be apparent for anyone looking at you that you’re carrying a wallet. That is both a safety issue and an aesthetic one.

Woman pulling an Allett leather ID wallet out of her back pocket

How Our Slim Women’s Wallets Work

At Allett, we make mini wallets for women that are far more discreet and comfortable. Made from either nylon or leather, these wallets are designed to fit the essentials:

  • Credit Cards
  • ID
  • Cash

Our Nylon Sport Wallet is a great example of a truly discreet wallet. It is made with RFID blocking technology, can fit anywhere from 2 to 10 cards, and is breathable – it will not feel hot or uncomfortable on the leg. It even comes with a slot for our custom Micro Pen, allowing you to carry essentially everything you need on your person at all times with a wallet that sneaks into the pants.

Shop Sport Wallet

Sport Wallet

Nylon Edition

2-10 cards, bills, micro pen


Though it is a bit larger and will require breaking in (as all leathers do), our leather Hybrid Card Wallet is another excellent example of this type of mini wallet for women. As it’s handled, the leather will start to soften, which will allow it to mold around the leg and fit discreetly into your pants pocket. And it can still fit 3 to 10 cards, cash, a Micro Pen, and more.

Shop Hybrid Card Wallet

Hybrid Card Wallet

Leather Edition

3-10 cards, folded bills, micro pen


Close up of woman pulling an Allett custom Micro Pen out of an Allett nylon Sport Wallet

These are only some examples of what a great slim wallet for women looks like and how they differ from many of the bulky, thick wallets you might find from some of the leading designer brands. Made with the finest leather or fabrics, these wallets still look and feel premium like other designer wallets, but are thinner, softer, and definitely fit more readily in women’s pants.

If you’ve been interested in your own mini women’s wallet, take a look at all of our different wallet options and find the one that best fits you.

Woman on a hike, pulling an Allett nylon Sport Wallet from her shoulder pack

Products mentioned in this article

Sport Wallet Leather Edition

2-10 cards, bills, micro pen


Hybrid Card Wallet Leather Edition

3-10 cards, folded bills, micro pen


Coin Wallet 2.0 Leather Edition

4-24 cards, bills, receipts, coins, micro pen


ID Wallet Leather Edition

4-12 cards, bills, micro pen


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