What is a Front Pocket Wallet? What Makes a Good Front Pocket Wallet?

By Eugene Kim

Updated April 06, 2022 @ 11:52AM

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Front pocket wallets are becoming the newest way to carry your cards and cash. Allett makes front pocket wallets that have all the features that you need so that your wallet can fit in your front pocket comfortably. Front pocket wallets are here to stay, and at Allett, our slim front pocket wallets are the best choice for keeping your items close.

Close up of a man pulling an Allett leather Hybrid Card Wallet out of his front pocket

About Front Pocket Wallets

For years, men have carried their wallets in their back pockets. But experts agree that carrying a wallet in a back pocket is problematic:

  • Sitting on your wallet can cause back pain and misalignment.
  • Back pocket wallets are easier to steal.
  • Back pocket wallets are easier to lose.

There is no real benefit to wearing a wallet in your back pocket.

Yet it is understandable that many people avoid putting these wallets in their front pockets. Even though it is better for your back, more convenient, and easier to protect, keeping a wallet in your front pocket comes with its own concerns:

  • It is uncomfortable.
  • It creates an awkward bulge in your pocket

Some also find that these wallets feel hot against the skin, push into the leg, or cause them to sweat.

Man holding an Allett leather slim wallet in one hand and a basic leather wallet in the other showing a side-by-side comparison of how much slimmer the Allett wallet is.

Find a Wallet Made for Front Pockets: A Front Pocket Wallet

Wallets are changing. At Allett, it’s crucial that our wallets are designed to be outstanding front pocket wallets. In fact, most our wallets are specifically made to be front pocket wallets in the design, construction, and materials:

  • Our wallets are Slim Wallets – We make our wallets as thin as possible. Our nylon wallets are highly durable yet paper thin, making them easy to fit in the pocket. Our leather wallets are made with Nappa leather, which is the thinnest, highest quality leather available and softens to mold around your leg.
  • Our design is Minimalist – In addition to being thin, these wallets use only as much space as they need. There is no unnecessary material or structure to our wallets that would otherwise add unnecessary bulk or thickness.
  • Our wallets are designed to be Comfortable – Nylon is breathable, moisture-wicking, and extremely comfortable. Nappa leather is durable yet breathable and soft to the touch. Both of these types of wallets are far more comfortable than other conventional fabric and leather wallets out there.

At Allett, our wallets even have additional features like a space for our custom Micro Pen, RFID-blocking technology, and no-slip silicone card grip, keeping your cards secure in your wallet while you’re on the move.

We’ve always put our wallets in our back pocket, but it’s time to break that habit. Our slim wallets are the best choice for a front pocket wallet, so save your back and start storing your stash in your front pocket. Check out our entire selection of slim, front pocket wallets on ripstop nylon and leather styles.

Close up side shot of man pulling an Allett leather hybrid card wallet out of his front pocket.

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