What is Bluesign®-Certified Nylon, and Why Does it Make for a Great Wallet?

By Eugene Kim

Updated April 05, 2022 @ 05:53PM

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Nylon is becoming an increasingly popular material for everything from outdoor apparel to tents to dental floss. It is especially now popular in the world of wallets. Nylon wallets are thin, extremely durable, water damage resistant, and breathable, all of which make them an increasingly popular choice for pockets everywhere.

But, at least in the past, nylon came with one major drawback: it was not environmentally friendly. The process to create nylon was fraught with greenhouse gasses and chemical waste, while the two main ingredients in nylon – petroleum and plastic – meant that those purchasing a nylon product were supporting some of the worst of the worst in the industrial world.

We all want to be eco-friendly, especially understanding the magnitude of the climate crisis we face. So, rather than avoid nylon, some organizations have attempted to find ways to create nylon, and other textiles, in a far more environmentally-conscious way. One of the most notable is Bluesign.

nylon thread production process

What is Bluesign?

“bluesign®” (lowercase) is a sustainability standard, created by and awarded by Bluesign Technologies AG of Switzerland. The company, Bluesign, evaluates and enhances the entire manufacturing process to ensure that every component of the entire process is eco-friendly and sustainable – from obtaining materials all the way to placing the products on shelves.

Bluesign works with several different types of textiles, but their work with nylon is most noteworthy. Any bluesign®-certified nylon product is guaranteed to be made using sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical processes, including:

  • Resource Use – Bluesign works with factories and manufacturing plants to ensure minimal to no use of limited natural resources.
  • Worker Safety – Bluesign will only certify products if those working in the manufacturing plants are safe and treated humanely.
  • Eco-Conscious – Bluesign will only certify products if they limit water use, soil contamination, and climate impact.

Once the process has gone through Bluesign’s rigid approvals and alterations, only then can it become what’s called “bluesign® approved,” or “bluesign® certified,” which indicates that it is as eco-conscious as possible given all of their strict parameters.

The company itself is highly regarded, and its work is trusted throughout the world. When you see something that is bluesign® certified, like Allett’s bluesign®-certified nylon wallet, you can feel confident that it is made with a process that is eco-conscious and limited in its environmental impact.

Bluesign environmental certification process

Bluesign®-Certified Nylon Wallets – Higher Quality, Better for the Planet

Bluesign textiles are not only more environmentally conscious – they also have to be of a higher quality. That makes them the ideal material for wallets. The nylon is extremely durable, breathable, and as thin as possible for a wallet of this caliber.

At Allett, since 1995, we’ve only used the most durable, highest-quality materials. And now we’re proud to say that we only use the highest quality, bluesign®-certified ripstop nylon that is not only tearproof, weatherproof, and durable, it’s eco-conscious and better for the planet. Check out all of our wallet styles made with an eco-conscious bluesign®-certified ripstop nylon.


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