Wallets for Women Are Trending: Why, and Which Wallets Are They Choosing?

By Eugene Kim

Updated April 05, 2022 @ 05:12PM

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Most people carry a wallet. But the different styles and uses of wallets have changed considerably over time. And this is especially true when it comes to women’s wallets.

Women’s wallets have historically been part fashion accessory and part storage facility. They are typically larger and thicker than men’s wallets (expected to hold more than just cards and cash), and were either designed to be carried as part of an outfit (like clutches), or designed to be placed inside of a purse or handbag.

Enter, modern times. And times are changing.

Woman holding a large wallet clutch

While the larger wallets – the ones designed for handbags – are still generally popular, there is a growing trend to purchase wallets that traditionally resemble men’s wallets in size and shape.

Small, thin wallets that fit only a few cards and cash are becoming increasingly popular, and the reason for this trend includes a host of different factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Pockets – Women’s pants were often made with small pockets, if their pants even had pockets at all. But because of a tonal shift and grassroots activism, more companies are designing womens pants, shorts, and even skirts and dresses that not only have pockets, but have pockets large enough to fit wallets and more stuff in them.
  • Embracing the Outdoors – Purses and handbags have never been good companions outdoors. There has also been a marked shift in the number of women that are embracing more of an active outdoor life. This is in large part due to the pandemic, but the desire to spend more time outdoors has been increasing, especially with the dawn of social media. Small, pocket-sized wallets make taking your stuff far easier when you’re on the go outside.
  • Fewer Large Purses – With smartphones and the internet of things putting everything on the cloud, there’s less of a need to carry all the credit cards, loyalty cards, address book, and other things on hand. Hence a decrease in the need of large purses and handbags to carry all the things that people used to carry around with them before the internet stored all their stuff.
  • Thinner and Better Wallets – Women’s fashion trends are frequently changing, and now that there are more slim wallets available on the market, it’s cause for some people to rethink their desire to carry a large purse or handbag on them at all times. We’re living in an age where less is more.
  • The Pandemic – Finally, there’s no denying that the pandemic has had an impact as well. People are going out less, and where most are going out for shorter outings, there’s less of a need to load up the bag to go out with all the accessories and stuff that one would have typically done when it was more commonplace to go out in public. Though this may change as the world opens up more and more, habits are hard to break, and the shift has already been made.

It’s not only these thin wallets for women that are increasing in popularity. Backpacks, sling daypacks, hip bags, and other non-traditional carrying cases are also trending and becoming more widely adopted.

But even in those cases, small and thin wallets are more on trend with the way all people, including women, are moving towards a more minimalistic carry style.

Woman pulling an Allett leather sport wallet out of her back pocket

Thin Wallet Styles for Any Gender

All wallets can accommodate any gender. At the end of the day, it comes to personal style and preferences. At Allett, our wallets are made with a bluesign®-certified nylon or high-quality, top grain Nappa leather with different bold color options that fit any person (or genders) tastes. As wallets start to become less gender-specific, we’re ensuring that our wallets work for everyone, with styles that make sense for all different types of people and pockets.

Check out our full selection of slim wallets in bluesign®-certified nylon and high-quality Nappa leather. You’re bound to find something that is uniquely you.

Woman sitting outside holding an Allett nylon sport wallet

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