Do AirTags Work in RFID Blocking Wallets?

By Eugene Kim

Updated April 05, 2022 @ 04:46PM

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Security has become a seriously hot topic lately. And when it comes to identity theft and credit card security, more people are buying RFID-blocking wallets. These wallets have a special layer in the construction that blocks signals from devices that can read the data off of the RFID chip inside of your card. Boom - no one can steal your financial information.

But let’s not forget that electronic theft is not the only way someone can steal your information. They can also, of course, steal your actual, physical wallet. And that’s one of the reasons that many people put tracking tags in their wallets, like the Apple AirTag, SmartTag, Tile Pro, and other devices.

AirTag is one of many Bluetooth trackers that make it possible for you to locate an item, like your wallet, using an app on your smartphone. If your wallet was stolen (or left behind, or just simply misplaced somewhere) you can use one of these trackers to find its exact location.

Apple AirTag

RFID Blockers and AirTags 

So, the question we here to answer… Bluetooth trackers typically use radiofrequency devices to transmit their location to your phone. And RFID blockers block radiofrequency signals.

Does this mean that RFID blockers can block AirTag signals?

Luckily, the answer to this is NO. Ish…

RFID blocking wallets will not prevent your AirTag from working. There are a few reasons for this:

  • AirTags use two types of technology: Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB). RFID blockers are not designed to stop UWB signals, so AirTags can still access networks using UWB. But don’t worry, credit cards cannot be accessed with UWB signals.
  • AirTags send stronger signals than a credit card RFID chip. While Bluetooth does use radiofrequency signals, the Apple AirTag’s signal is stronger than a credit card RFID chips’ signal. These RFID chips use a low frequency signal that can only be read at a maximum of 4 inches away, and RFID blockers reduce this signal to the point where they are impossible to read. But AirTag signals can overcome this low-level signal reduction.

Some AirTag users do report that the signal strength of the AirTag inside of an RFID-blocking wallet is reduced. A reduction in signal strength may translate to having a harder time locating the tag, but the signal loss is typically minor. The rest of the system will continue to work.

Person pulling credit card out of an Allett slim RFID-Blocking wallet


What About Other Bluetooth Trackers?

There are many Bluetooth trackers on the market, including the Tile Pro, the Tile Wallet, the Samsung SmartTag, and many others. We couldn’t say with certainty whether all of them work in an RFID blocking wallet.

But we can say that the vast majority of these devices should have no loss or only minor loss of signal strength. Some, like the Tile Wallet, are made specifically for wallets, and users do not report any differences between a Tile Wallet in a wallet with RFID-blocking wallet or a wallet without.

At Allett, we’ve been designing RFID-blocking wallets with the best highest quality materials. We use an undetectable and nearly weightless US Military alloy that is corrosion resistant, wear resistant, and blocks signals up to 3,000 MHz. And because it’s so thin, we can use them in the slimmest wallets out there. Our wallets come in both fine Nappa leather and durable, vegan ripstop nylon. Explore our entire selection of RFID-blocking wallets today.

Man pulling credit card out of his Allett Hybrid Card Wallet

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