Top 10 Must Have Wallet Features for ANY Wallet

By Veronica Eisner

Updated May 11, 2023 @ 02:00PM

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There is no shortage of incredible wallets out there. From designer wallets to sport wallets to minimalist wallets, there are wallets of all shapes, sizes, and qualities to fit every pocket, every purse, and every bag. 

But not all wallets are created equal.

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Wallets have been around for hundreds of years, and during that time, their designs have been tweaked and modified. We now have a firm idea of some of the features that wallets must have in order to effectively meet the needs of the user. The following are some of the must-have wallet features for those looking for a new wallet.

Best Wallet Features

#1 – Micro Pen Pocket

Wallets are a form of storage, like a purse or a fanny pack. We may know them solely as a place to keep cards and money, but what they really are is a carrier for any item you may need that can fit in your pocket. That is why it is so important to use a wallet that has space for a pen – ideally a Micro Pen that fits comfortably in a small wallet size. 

We all find situations where we need a pen quickly. When you always have a pen with you in your pocket, you never have to fumble around trying to find one.

#2 – No Slip Credit Card Grip

Your wallet typically holds between 1 and 10 credit cards. Every one of those cards is like walking around with potentially tens of thousands of dollars that someone can use. While we know that we can cancel our cards if we lose our wallets or have a card stolen, the biggest risk comes from a card simply falling out of our wallet when we’re not paying attention. 

That is why modern wallets should all be equipped with a no-slip credit card grip that adds friction to wallets so cards can’t easily fall out. 

#3 – RFID Blocking Technology

Cards aren’t “swiped” anymore. They’re read. All your financial data is stored in a little chip inside of the card that can be read by a simple tap. While this makes it easier to make payments, it also means that anyone with a modified machine can obtain all of your credit card information by simply walking near your pocket – a process known as “skimming.” 

Luckily, this can be prevented using a wallet with RFID blocking technology. At Allett, we use a military grade, paper thin RFID layer that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to skim your info through the wallet.

#4 – Clear ID Pocket

Your wallet isn’t only for credit cards. It also carries your ID, which it can be argued is the most important card you carry and one that you should make sure there is no risk of your losing. With a clear ID pocket, your driver’s license or ID card is visible just by opening your wallet, but you never need to hand it to anyone or take it out, so you’re at much less risk of losing it or leaving it behind.

#5 –  Spacious Coin Pocket

Coins may not hold as much value as they had in the past. But one of the challenges with coins is that you never know when you’re going to be handed a lot, and need a way to hold them so they don’t fall all over your pocket. Even in the smallest of wallets, it is important to have a coin pocket that will fit any number of coins.

#6 – Cash Pocket Divider

Organization is important to any wallet. That is why a simple piece of fabric can make such a big difference in the value of the wallet. A cash pocket divider makes it easier for you to organize your cash, receipts or anything else that you keep inside of your wallet. 

#7 – Hidden Card Pockets

It may sound like a small feature, but a hidden card pocket can be an immensely valuable tool for protecting your assets. These pockets ensure that some of your most important cards are less visible – especially those that you do not plan to access too often – while also storing even more cards within your wallet. 

#8 – Passport Pocket

Though not relevant for all wallets (most people do not carry their passport with them on a daily basis), it is always a good idea for those that travel often to have a wallet that they can use for their passport. But this isn’t just a “big wallet.” The best type of passport wallet will have a specific space that fits the passport easily, while taking up as little space as possible so that the wallet isn’t oversized or uncomfortable. 

#9 – Sleek and Thin® Velcro Closure

Another optional but still extremely valuable feature is a high-end Velcro closure. This type of Velcro is not like the wallets of your youth. It is thin, sleek (it’s in the name!) and long lasting, so it holds your wallet closed – usually used on trifold wallets – and won’t rip off or add bulk to its size. 

#10 – And of course a Slim Design.

Allet Blue Wallett With IPhone

This is critical, for all wallets. Slim wallets and minimalist wallets are not just a stylistic choice. The improve comfort, fit all pocket sizes, reduce back pain for those that keep wallets in the back pocket, they’re better for athletes, and so much more. For men that use front pocket wallets, they reduce the visible “bulge” that affects photos and feels less comfortable. 

Slim wallet designs are important for any type of wallet, whether it’s leather or nylon. That also means that it can’t be made with just any materials. Nylon is the thinnest, but there are also ultra thin leather wallets made with Nappa premium grade leather that are almost as soft as fabric.

Find a Wallet With Everything You Need

There are thousands of wallet manufacturers. But very few have the features that make a truly good wallet. Many are large, bulky, and limited in their features. At Allett, we make premium wallets that address everything you need from a wallet, and more. Come see our entire selection of wallets to find one that matches your personality, style, and usage needs. 

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