Choosing a Wallet Based on Your Profession: Tips and Advice

By Veronica Eisner

Updated October 10, 2023 @ 08:14AM

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Wallets are not just an accessory. More than belts, more than earrings, more than watches, our wallets provide both form AND function. We reach for our wallets frequently throughout the day, and we tend to keep our wallets for years, sometimes even decades, meaning that the purchase we make has to be something we take more seriously than, say, a belt that we use for a year.

You can, theoretically, make do with any wallet – even a child’s “Toy Story” Velcro wallet you bought at a gas station. But the best wallet is one that matches who you are, what you do, and what your long term expectations are for its use. For adults of working age, that often means finding a wallet that is an ideal fit for your specific profession.

What Wallet Fits What Kind of Job?

Everyone has their own personal preferences, and you may want to choose a wallet with the colors and fabrics that you prefer even if they do not fit the needs of your career. But there are absolutely some wallets that fit certain professions more than others. Let’s look at some examples, to help you determine what wallet is best for your profession:

  • Business Wallets

If you work in sales, or in any business job that involves potential client or customer contact, there are very specific needs that your wallet has to have. The most critical is room for your business cards. Traditionally, it’s believed that you should carry about 2 or 3 on you at all times, but in our experience and speaking with our clients, that is nowhere near enough. Wallets like “The Original” from Allett have space for 5 to 10+ cards depending on how many items you carry on you. 

Also, while our nylon wallets are some of the best in the industry, the professional world is all about leather. Ultra thin leather wallets are likely the best choice. 

Our Recommendation: The Original Leather Wallet in Black.

Allett Leather OriginalBonus Extra: If your job involves a lot of travel, take a look at our passport wallets, which have space for business cards, credit cards, and passports. 

  • Manual Labor

Those that work in manual labor – for example, in a warehouse, or performing home service tasks like landscaping – are less likely to need that much space. What they need is a way to carry their wallet with them comfortably, even while they’re working in demanding, physical jobs.

There are many ultra slim leather wallets that can be used for this purpose, but nylon is often even better. It is breathable, so it won’t overheat, and it bends and moves with you. Our ripstop nylon is also able to withstand immense friction and handling, so even the most demanding jobs won’t damage it. 

Since you also need fewer cards, you can use a wallet like our ID wallet. It has space for a few credit cards and an ID, which is typically all you need when on the job.

Our Recommendation: Nylon ID Wallet in Green or Potters Clay:

  • Allett Wallet in NylonDesk Jobs

If you work for a company that has you sitting all day – or if you’re someone that traditionally works from home behind a computer – then your wallet needs are often simpler. You won’t need your wallet for work, but you will need a wall that you can keep on you comfortably while you’re working.

The most important factor in choosing a wallet is that it has to be a front pocket wallet. You cannot have a wallet that you need to put in your back pocket, because sitting all day on your wallet will throw your spine out of alignment and lead to back pain. You also don’t need much room for business cards, and are less likely to carry business credit cards on you, so a small wallet is typically all you need.

Our Recommendation: Nappa Leather Hybrid Card Wallet in Midnight Blue

Allett Leather HybridFinding the Right Wallet for Your Job

Most people choose a wallet based on its appearance alone, not necessarily thinking about how it will factor into their comfort and usage at their job. But business owners need very different wallets from park rangers, who need very different wallets from construction workers, and so on. 

Before buying a wallet, try to envision how often you will use it during your day to day, how many cards and how much cash you will be carrying on you, and what factors will affect your comfort level. Some wallets will be better for that than others. Review all of our wallets and find the perfect fit for your needs. 


Products mentioned in this article

The Original

4-24 cards, bills, receipts


Hybrid Card Wallet

3-10 cards, folded bills, micro pen


ID Wallet

4-12 cards, bills, micro pen


Sport Wallet

2-10 cards, bills, micro pen


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