How Many Business Cards Should You Carry On You?

By Veronica Eisner

Updated October 27, 2023 @ 03:02PM

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Typically, when we think about wallets, we think about money. We think about cards and we think about cash, we think about the ID we may need to use those cards, and everything else that we might put in our wallets is more of an afterthought. 

But, for many, the most valuable thing in your wallet isn’t your credit card or cash. It’s a business card. One business card, handed out strategically, can be worth its weight in gold. It may be a new client, or a new business opportunity, or a new friend, but one thing is certain: there are situations where having a business card on you can be worth a small fortune.

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You Always Need a Business Card on You – But How Many?

At minimum, you will always want to have one professional business card on your person at all times. It doesn’t matter your age, your career, or your goals. There is no better way to quickly make sure that a connection you make has a way to contact you, and vice versa. 

But how often do you only meet one person in a day? And how often would you expect that you’d remember to come home and grab another business card before going out the next day and possibly making a new connection?

No, you absolutely need more than one business card. But how many business cards should you carry in your wallet at all times? 

Those NOT Working as Business Owners or in Sales/Networking Positions

Part of this is going to depend on your career choice. If you are currently working as labor for someone else’s organization, and you are not in a position that requires networking, like sales, marketing, or in business fields where switching careers is common, then you do not need too many business cards at any given time.

Three business cards seems like the perfect number, though you could easily get away with 2 or 4 depending on how social you are and how often you find yourself handing business cards out to others. 

Business Owners and Those in Sales Positions

Those in careers where networking means $$ have to think about this a bit differently. You’re meeting people on purpose, and every business card you hand out could be a new sale, a new partner, or a new connection. Those in positions where networking and meeting people is an important part of the job should carry more cards on them.

How many business cards should business owners and sales people carry in their wallet?

If possible, you should try to keep about 5 business cards in your wallet at all times. A bit less if you don’t have the room, a bit more if you do. You do not need to carry *too* many cards on you, because you should not be handing out cards like candy to too many people. Cards should be handed out only when worthwhile, to people that deserve one.

At networking events, where handing out business cards can be expected, you may want to carry more – about 6 to 10 – and avoid bringing some of your extra credit cards to the event so that there is more room in your wallet. But those events are just that – events. You do not have to plan for those events in advance by bringing an extensive amount of credit cards on you.

Choosing the Right Business Wallet for Extra Credit Cards

Business cards can fit in most wallets just fine. But if you plan to carry a lot of cards, things can get a little tricky. Sport wallets are not made for a bunch of credit cards, cash, and business cards. Some smaller wallets may fit two or three business cards – enough for most people – but not the 5+ that some of those working in the business world need on them.

For those deep in the business world, we recommend the following wallets:

  • The Original Leather Wallet – The Original Leather Wallet has 4 separate pockets to make managing multiple business cards easier. Because it does *not* have an ID window, you can also stick extra cards behind the ID to store more at one time.
  • Leather Travel Wallet – The Travel Wallet is also a great wallet for business cards. It has multiple places to carry extra credit cards, it’s great for those that travel for work, and even if you don’t travel there are ways to utilize the pockets to carry extra items with ease.

Our nylon wallets makes phenomenal wallets, but leather has that extra degree of professionalism that many people appreciate. 

Onyx Black Original Wallet from Allett

Find the Right Wallet for Your Business Cards

Allett makes premiere, professional wallets that have outstanding professionalism and a long lasting design. Hand made in California, Allett makes wallets of different sizes to fit your uses and needs. Browse our wallets to find the right one for your business cards. 

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